FS: Sigma 135-400, Pentax DA 17-70, Pentax A 50/f1.7 & Pentax Q Adapater for K


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Having a bit of a clear out for various reasons. I will be putting these up on ebay (for a bit more than advertised here to cover my selling costs) but thought I should to offer them to forum members first, especially as I have lurked for too long and hardly posted!

Open to sensible offers on everything.
I will use RMSD for delivery which will need to be added to the price but of course collection is an option or maybe meeting at a convenient mid-point if you're not too far away.

I have put up a few sample photos for each and they are SOOC JPG files except those from 2013 for the DA17-70mm which are unedited copies saved from the original RAW files, using Affinity Photo, as I was only shooting RAW at the time.

1. Pentax A 50mm f1.7, a lovely little lens which I bought second hand when I broke my old one decided. I had intended to use it with my Pentax Q but only took three or four shots with it. Has both end caps. Optically and externally it is in excellent condition with just a little dust and the aperture ring works perfectly. 25+RMSD.
Pictures of the lens and an example photo: Pentax A 50mm

2. Sigma APO 135-400mm, I need to find a slightly smaller lens such as a DA 55-300mm or FA 100-300mm as this is a bit too big and heavy to keep carting around on long walks, bit of an age thing ! Works perfectly, but I have needed to fine tune the AF on my K5 as it seems to suffer a bit of back focus at longer focal lengths, either that or my eyesight is worse than I thought! Has both end caps and hood. No fungus or marks on the lenses, just a bit of dust internally. I will include a 77mm UV lens but I wouldn't recommend its use as in my experience it seems to soften the images slightly. 225+RMSD.
Pictures of the lens and example photos: Sigma 135-400mm

3. Pentax DA 17-70mm SDM. It used to be on may camera most of the time but I no longer seem to be using it much now as I have primes covering it's focal length range. This is working perfectly and, touch wood, has never given me any SDM problems. Has a little bit of barrel wobble and autofocus occasionally struggles over 50mm but this is very dependant on the individual picture, I have many shots were it has accurately focussed first time. Has both end caps, hood and original box. Optics clear of fungus haze, etc. and just a little dust inside. I have priced this lower than any other examples available as it is wasted sitting in the cupboard 140+RMSD.
Pictures of the lens and example photos: Pentax DA 17-70mm

4. Pentax Q Adapter for K Mount Lens. A genuine Pentax adapter, boxed (box is a little tatty) and with caps. I have hardly used this, hence only a few sample photos, and don't think I will be in future having had this for 5 years already. I'll probably regret selling it but I can't leave it sat around doing nothing and it'll help fund an 06 telephoto for my Q . 125+RMSD
Pictures of the adapter and example photos: Pentax Q Adapter

Happy to answer any questions.



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PM sent


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Pentax Q adapter pending sale locally, so not available. Will update as re-available if it falls through.


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Sigma 135-400mm gone.


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Pentax DA 17-70mm now on eBay, no bids yet but will accept 100 incl. RMSD through the forum. Shame to leave it sat around doing nothing but gather dust.

Pentax A 50mm f1.7 reduced now to 20 incl. RMSD.

Sigma 135-400mm now with its new owner.

Pentax Q adapter for K lenses withdrawn temporarily (messed around by local buyer ) while I decide whether to sell my Q kit in its entirety, just the adapter or keep all of it.
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