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FS: Pentax k100d spares/repair 6 (use it as a Manual Digital Body with AF at ISO400)

Posted 30/03/2024 - 13:03 Link
Selling a Pentax k100d with broken LCD and no flash popup/aperture solenoids (removed by myself).

Basically if you want a body that'll work in manual mode at ISO 400 with working AF, this is yours for 6 posted. The sensor has 7.7k shots, the AF works well, exposes reasonably well (same as my other k100d which means they slightly underexpose by default). Mirror and focus screen are clean. The top LCD and viewfinder displays are fine. Good for parts.

I bought the camera with broken LCD as spares/repair and removed the two white solenoids for future K-30/K-50/K-S1/K-S2 repairs. The bottom plate must have taken some of the damage from the impact that broke the LCD, there is a crack on one side. The camera feels fine to hold and shoot.

6 posted by RM Signed For

If you have a k100d with a dead sensor/broken mirror/focus screen, I'll be happy to swap any bits around to give you a working device for a small fee.
All the gear with no idea

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