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Link Posted 20/02/2017 - 22:35
Well, the time has finally come to sell my F* 250-600mm and for this rarity to find a new home!

The F*250-600mm and FA* 250-600mm lenses don't come around that often, so if you're serious, be quick!

First off, lets be honest, this one is definitely the runt of the litter.

- It is obviously a working lens and looks that way!
- the front leather cap has Nikon written on it!
- It has the wrong tripod foot on it, the silver one is from the newer FA* version
- The filter ring has fallen out in the past and there are marks on the filter
- The screw on the tripod collar doesn't work.
- There are a few screws missing that could do with replacing.
- The aperture ring doesn't click but does work in the 'A' setting.
- There is no flight case.
- There is no manuals or anything else, just what's in the pictures.

The good news is the glass is clean and it produces the goods.

There was a thread very recently here where an FA* version went for 5500 and I said that 'You can have mine for half that', so here it is, for 2750!

Obviously I'm open to serious discussion on this one and would really prefer not to post it! You can come and test it in Aylesbury, Bucks. We have a 5 series and 3 series Gitzo tripod and Wimberley head if you'd like to see the best support options and I do have a car, and a mobile credit card machine if needed.

I'm sure there will be questions, so fire away!



Link Posted 21/02/2017 - 09:57
WOW. Good luck with your sale. I'll be extremely jealous of the person who buys it. I desperately wanted, but was unable to find one. Ended up with both the 560mm and the 150-450mm.
You should add some shots you've taken with it.



Link Posted 27/02/2017 - 17:08

You're probably right Alan, I'll get round to it at some point!

Just to add, it has only been listed here so far as I would prefer it to go to a member here!



Link Posted 04/03/2017 - 09:37
I cant't read the serial number.
Btw, how about using this construction with just one ring for focus & zoom ?


Link Posted 05/03/2017 - 21:48
angerdan wrote:
I cant't read the serial number.
Btw, how about using this construction with just one ring for focus & zoom ?

Hi, it seems a bit rude no one has said hello and welcome to the forum already, so... hello and welcome!
I expect people are wondering why you're worried about the serial number and the lens's construction.
Some people are reluctant to show the serial numbers of their cameras and lenses in case the numbers are used to make a fraudulent insurance claim, then when they try to sell the items they get flagged up as being stolen. It's best to be cautious.
John K
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Link Posted 05/03/2017 - 22:00
Hi, thanks!
Maybe you're right, i will try to fit into this forum

Most of the numbers are visible, so i thougt it would be possible to ask for the whole serial number.

My lack of experience with this lens is the cause for the question.
It's not about this copy, but the F* 250-600mm in general. The FA* 250-600mm has two rings, there it's easy to see how zoom/focus are handled.


Link Posted 07/03/2017 - 18:28
Hi Dan

Apologies for the later than usual reply, I'm not here as often now for obvious reasons and didn't spot your post.

On the whole the single ring for focus and zoom isn't too much of a problem as I was using auto focus most of the time. Now that I'm shooting with a long prime (400mm F2.8 with converters), the main thing I miss is the ability to zoom out quickly when I'm tracking a bird in flight and lose it.

When you do need to switch to manual focus there is a loud clunk (due to design, not a fault), which can sometimes be an issue if you're say shooting close objects from a hide as it could make your subject take notice of the noise but more commonly, you switch to manual focus as a bird lands between twigs and just when you're about to shoot, the bird takes off and it's a quick mad dash to change back to zoom to get the bird back in the viewfinder again!

Either way, you'll adapt to it quite quickly, for me that was keep it in autofocus all the time and use single point focus wherever I could!

You could argue that it's easier with only one ring as your hand doesn't need to move to another ring, you just need to get your reflexes right!

Hope that helps!




Link Posted 14/03/2017 - 21:15
Sale agreed!

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