FS: Pentax 645 FA 80-160/4.5 (please read)


Link Posted 16/01/2020 - 17:54
Hi All,

I have a Pentax 645 FA 80-160/4.5 lens for sale, it is no longer needed as I've replaced it with a P67 90-180 for commonality with my P67. It comes with front & rear caps but no hood or case, I hope to get some photos of it up shortly.

The Bad: It has a couple of very small spots towards the rear element that look like they may be fungus - 'Y' shaped lines surrounded by a small circle of haze. I can't get a photo of these as they're so small and only noticeable when viewing from an acute angle. I bought the lens from Japan via Ebay and didn't notice them initially, I'd be very surprised if they affected IQ.

The Good: It works fine on my 645D, obviously the AF is screwdrive and slower/noisier/clunkier than SDM, the AF/MF collar operates correctly and everything else works. There's some slight scuffing on the barrel and apart from the issue above, there are no significant optical issues (there's slight dust as may be expected).

200 with RMSD to the UK, payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal (gift).

Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any questions.

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