FS: MotorDrive-A (slightly faulty)


Link Posted 19/11/2020 - 11:42
Hi All, I've got a MotorDrive-A for sale. I've kept it because they're fabulous pieces of kit - but in reality I've no use for burning through film at 3fps anymore. Much better (and smoother) than the MEII winder for the Super-A, Program-A and P50 (they won't fit anything else).

Faulty: The normal shutter release on the handgrip works fine, as does the drive mode (single, cont-low, cont-hi) selector. The vertical release (and/or its lock switch) doesn't work, the remote release socket is right next to this release - I can't guarantee this works either (I don't have a cable to test it).

40 posted to the UK, PayPal (gift) or bank transfer.

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