FS: DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 WR


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Pentax DA 18-135 3.5-5.6 WR in pretty much mint condition, less then 50 pics taken (and all of them indoors and most just as a test) but it's too late to return it so I'm selling it as used.

Comes with everything except a box as it was bought as a bundle with the k-5. I'll put it in a 55-200 box that I have but if you really want to I'll give you the box the bundle came in, it's just it's a bit large.

390 quid + whatever Royal Mail postage for this would be, I'll edit this later when I find out or you could pick it up if you live anywhere near Portsmouth. To be honest that would be best, as I've never sold anything on the net and this is my first tentative step and I'm not sure how to handle payment as I'm not a store. I wish there was some FAQ here.

The fact I'm newly registered here doesn't help. The only thing I can say is that I'm a real person, you can have a look at my website and see my horrible snaps and I've been on dpreview since forever (username: Paul Szczepanek) and since I never use aliases you can easily track me down anywhere on the net

I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong, I'd welcome advice as to how to fix this ad.
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All looks fine, i would try to add some pics of the lens, always helps in a sale. As for payment you ask for either paypal gift with the buyer paying the fees or for bank transfer. i personally have never heard of anyone ripping anyone off on this forum, but still never post until payment is confirmed.

Postage will probably be around a fiver for that lens, certainly no more than a tenner, and you should do it insured recorded delivery.
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Thanks for the advice. Here are some photos I've taken a minute ago in the glorious sunshine we have here in Portsmouth today (I don't have a tent, also I've got my right thumb bandaged and it's surprising how difficult everything is then. Opposable thumbs are definitely the thing that got us here, not our brains).

If it's more than 10 quid for postage I'll cover that.

Does the price sound fair? It is essentially 100 pounds less for being unboxed and handled briefly. The only gripe people have about this lens is that it's too expensive - well, I fixed that for you


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A copy of the receipt included in the sale would help as sometimes it's possible to keep the warranty.
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Why are you selling the lens?
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Yes, I'll post a copy of the receipt of course. I bought it from SRS.

Why am I selling the lens? There's a complicated answer to that - if it was a simple matter it would occur to me months ago and I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. I can say outright that I'm not selling it because I think it's rubbish, it's a mighty fine lens.

If you want the long answer I'm happy to oblige.

Many years ago when I decided to concentrate on things other than photography I moved from Nikon to Olympus as I relegated photography to being my hobby and it looked like a nice, tight, compact system - lighter, with better value for money etc.. I was happy with it for years and I was especially fond of the 12-60 lens (it's a legend in the 4/3 world) which stayed on the body 80% of the time. Then I got all my photo gear stolen when I was moving house (I was shattered). A year passed and in the meantime Olympus pretty much ditched the 4/3 in favour of m4/3. I looked around and went for Pentax. OK, I should've known better, but I didn't and I tried to use my Olympus habits in the Pentax world. Turns out it doesn't work this way. I thought the 18-135 would be my 12-60 but, and again, after this many years you'd expect me to know this by now, each system is different and doesn't have perfect equivalents. There is more to moving from Olympus to Pentax than just swapping the logo. I'm happy to pay for this educational experience and feel free to laugh at me good-naturedly.

In the end, it's a nice lens and it's no biggy if it doesn't go. It's just I can tell it's not going to get anywhere near the sort of use the 12-60 did and I am firmly a strictly amateur photographer now so I'm keeping my gear simple and limited (talking about the numbers, not the limited series of lenses ).
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Glover wrote:

Postage will probably be around a fiver for that lens, certainly no more than a tenner, and you should do it insured recorded delivery.

Special delivery, recorded is hardly insured at all.
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Aye, it costs about 20 to post a package of that value Special Delivery AFAIK.



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Tyr wrote:
Aye, it costs about 20 to post a package of that value Special Delivery AFAIK.

Not a very heavy lens, shouldn't be more than around 8 special delivery, insured up to 500.
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I was expecting you Mr Bond... I mean Mike-P. But despite your fears I am not part of the sale rush sparked by photozone - this never materialized, though I have read all about it and I can see why the reviewers were so harsh on it based on the asking price for it. As far as I can tell I'm the only one trying to part with one here.


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It cost me 7 to send a 55-300 (440g) by Special Delivery to Johnsons, in its' box then packed with polystyrene chips in a larger box. It was insured up to 500.

The 18-135 is 405g, so unless you go mad with packaging, should be no more.

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I would actually have it off you but for the fact I have one.

Even I wouldn't have 2 copies of a lens at the same time .. although it has been known

Must try and get back to Portsmouth .. lived there for a good number of years, went through my school and college years there.

Have always said Pentax priced the lens much too high though.
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It won't let me edit the first post but as promised I checked the postage and as other posters said it's 7 pounds. This is insured for 500 and arrives the next day so if you have a bank account at Lloyds you can have the lens tomorrow.


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Please forgive me the bump, let's say it's 380 to justify the bump. Last one and then I'll let the topic fade away and I'll just keep the lens. Even if I'll only use it when I can't take my bag with me.


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Someone sent me a PM asking if this is for sale, I replied but then he sent me another PM still asking if this is for sale so I'm guessing I'm either doing something wrong or the PM system is playing up - so to obviate the problem: until I post "SOLD" this is still for sale. Though in a few months time the lens's state is going to be less mint and more used. You can always contact me by email directly - just click on my profile link.
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