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FS: 100mm F3.5 FA Macro lens.

Kim C
Posted 04/12/2018 - 23:09 Link
An often overlooked lens. There are plenty of reviews and comments on the PF site about the lens. I understand these were made by Cosina for Pentac and it is almost identical to the version they did in several mounts.

The "downsides". It only goes to 1:2 and not lifesize as does the 2.8 lens. The focus feels a bit gritty in manual but seems to work fine in AF. The AF can be a bit slow and can hunt. It will also sometimes "stick" if the AF takes it all the way to !:2. However from the reviews, it appears they are all like it.

Now the good news. It is very sharp and does have a good optical performance. Even better is that it is much cheaper than the other 100 Macros.

Looking for 95 including UK post by BT or Paypal Gift

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