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A series from last fall taken with K-r and 18-55 in Colorado:


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some great images.


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Not a bad lens that 18-55 is it? Lovely images, such gorgeous colours and compositions.


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Thanks, Fletcher and David. I think it's a pretty good lens for a kit lens.


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It occurred to me that I did not provide much in the way of descriptions as John Riley suggests. I like posting the titles on the photo itself so as to help in that regard. Some do not care for this and I understand.

As far as how they were taken and why....well, most of them are pretty self-explanatory. The deer shot is not how I usually shoot wildlife. Normally I would use a longer lens and a larger aperture to provide a bokeh of sorts. It's called "Discovery" because I was actually walking on a lightly used trail looking for other shots with my wider angled lens. I stumbled across this mule deer and did not want to miss the opportunity to take the shot....hence the greater depth of field and only at 55mm. As it turned out, the deer crashed into the forest shortly after this I felt fortunate to get this one however it turned out.
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Fantastic stuff..... love the colours and the title
on the photo in some cases adds that little bit extra.

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As above. An excellent set. Well presented.

Best regards
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Great set of fall images,it's hard to pick a favourite as they are all so good.
Regards Paul
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I like every single one of them. Not picking a favourite. Excellent



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Thanks, everyone. Glad you all enjoy the pics. I give the scenery most of the credit!


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What a great set, I think that they're all really lovely. I will give it a go at putting them in my order of preference (mind you, on another day, I'll probably put them in a different order!)

So here goes for what it's worth - Fallen Subtle; Depth Perception; Discovery; Valley Visions; All Horses go to Heaven; Gold Coins in the Fountain and Cozy Accents.
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Thanks for the kind comments and whimsical rankings, swarf.

I was thinking also, just for context on "Cozy Accents" is this closer shot of the same scene I called "Color Cozy". Upon picture review, it came first when I got to Cozy Accents and a way to describe the two foreground aspen (with their eye-catching, smooth looking boles), I thought accents was the right word:

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