For Sale: Pentax K-30 with warranty, Sigma 10-20mm, Pentax DA 55-300mm, Pentax A 50mm f1.7, Pentax AA adaptor, Billingham 335 bag, Raynox DCR-150


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Having thought long and hard I have decided to sell my lovely white K-30 and lenses in favour of something smaller and lighter to use when travelling. I'd like to have both, but funds don't permit that.

First up is my white K-30 body. Bought from SRS Microsystems in November 2012 and in absolutely excellent condition. I can't see anything that would distinguish it from new. SRS recently confirmed that they will honour warranties for forum member sales so it has the bulk of the 2 year warranty remaining, until 31 October 2014. Shutter count is 881, but that might rise very slightly in the meantime, but not by much. Comes with box and all original paperwork, manuals, CD and the original receipt from SRS, plus 3 batteries - two original Pentax ones and one HAMA which is just as good. Best price is 439 currently according to camerapricebuster so priced to sell at a very reasonable 320 including RMSD.

Next is my Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC. This is my favourite lens for Pentax and the one I am most reluctant to sell. According to many reviews this is the better version of the two available and my copy is excellent and very sharp right across the frame. Also in excellent condition and complete with both caps, box and soft case. Some photos with it can be seen here and I have more if required. 235 including RMSD

Pentax SMC DA 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED. This is the more expensive of the two versions with the metal mount. Also in excellent condition complete with the box, both caps and Pentax soft case. Some photos with it here 185 including RMSD.

Pentax A 50mm f1.7. Cosmetically excellent, clear optics, free from fungus & oil and a lovely smooth focus ring. The only thing to mention is the aperture ring's 'A' setting unlocking button needs to be depressed to turn from f9.8 to f11, rather than when going from f22 to 'A'. There's nothing sloppy in the way the blades stop down or open up. It's just like having an f11 warning lock rather than an 'A' setting warning lock. And it's an irrelevance on any Pentax SLR/DSLR from last 25 years or so as the aperture would actually be set on the camera and the lens ring would be left permanently in the 'A' position, but I mention it for completeness. The last picture here was taken with it as was the 'Icy Flowers' picture on my portfolio. A lovely sharp lens. Front and end caps. 45 delivered.

Pentax D-BH109 AA Battery Adapter. Tested, but not actually used on my K-30, just carried in case of emergencies. In excellent condition and full working order. 20 delivered.

Billingham 335 Safari Cordura camera bag. Billingham arguably make the best camera bags in the world and this one is no exception. In waterproof rip-stop khaki Cordura, tan Leather & Brass it is used, but in excellent condition. No rips, stains or marks, just very fractionally softened in appearance compared with brand new which makes you look well -travelled!

Basically the same as here, but with cordura rather than canvas, which I prefer.

External document pocket, main compartment, front compartment with two padded pockets, two small front pockets and two pen pockets.

With two padded compartments each holding two lenses (8-15 and 9-18 Superflex) and one padded divider. Velcro allows these dividers to be positioned as required or removed entirely. Shoulder strap with optional leather shoulder pad and double carrying handle with leather closer/grip. Small loops on base allow either a monopod or tripod to be carried externally.

External Dimensions
W370 x D220 x H265mm
W14,1/4 x D8,1/2 X H10ins

Internal Dimensions
W355 x D150 x H220mm
W13,3/4 X D6 X H8,1/2ins

Easily holds everything I am selling (and more) in a compact and stylish bag. Approx 250 new and a bargain at 100 delivered.

Raynox DCR-150 macro close-up attachment. Used just once to test with my 50mm and 55-300mm lenses where it worked perfectly, Absolutely as new and boxed. The 'Ice' picture on my portfolio was taken with it. 35 delivered.

Pictures will follow if required. Everything has been priced to include postage so if anyone wants more than one item I will re-calculate the prices accordingly. Obviously this depends on the items and the weight as Royal Mail's pricing is a bit odd sometimes. I'd prefer to sell the K-30 before letting anything else go as I'm off travelling in 6 weeks and don't want to be left with a camera and no lenses!

Any questions just ask. I have bought and sold many times on here with excellent feedback. Prices assume payment by bank transfer.

Thanks for looking.
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PM sent wrt Pentax D-BH109 AA Battery Adapter.
Born again photographer! Pentax K-30 & kit lenses. Just what do all these buttons do......?


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PM replied. AA adapter provisionally sold.
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Some photos as promised - just the Billingham bag to follow as it's currently full of kit!


Sigma 10-20mm

Pentax DA 55-300mm

Pentax A 50mm f1.7

Raynox DCR-150

If anyone wants any more photos or info just ask
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I'm interested in the Sigma 10-20. Can't send a PM as I've only just joined, so can you PM me please with an email address or phone no. Just getting back into Pentax photography after 7 years with only a compact camera, but I'm a long time Pentax user and used to be a club member / magazine subscriber in the 1990s. Can provide my eBay username as evidence of my genuine existence, just sold 3 manual focus pentax lenses, one to a forum member.


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PM'd you, Mike


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Sigma 10-20mm now sold, thanks


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Hi, was the 55-300 purchased new at the same time as the body, or is it older? If recent, does it still have warranty, where was it bought, and is warranty transferable?
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pauly69 wrote:
Hi, was the 55-300 purchased new at the same time as the body, or is it older? If recent, does it still have warranty, where was it bought, and is warranty transferable?

Hi. It was bought from a forum member a couple of months ago so doesn't have any warranty. Not much to go wrong with these lenses though and condition is excellent, both optically and cosmetically.
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OK thanks, if it's older/unwarrantied I'll leave it - at 185 I'd rather pay a bit more for a new example with warranty. I'd go to 150 delivered if you're interested, otherwise good luck with your sales.
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Hi Paul

Thanks, but 150 is too low, sorry. I had a good look on the forum before listing and 180/190 is about right for a good copy including delivery.


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Had an offer on the K-30 of 355 on Ebay which works out at 304.93 after fees, postage etc.

Happy to let it go to a member on here for the same price (304.93 not 355!) plus RMSD which is 9.75 (to UK) so a total of 314.68 or it can be collected from Norfolk and save the postage. Rather do that than make Ebay richer.

Probably have to get back to the Ebay offer tonight though


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K-30 now sold to a forum member

Pentax 55-300mm, Billingham bag and Raynox DCR-150 still available.

AA adapter still pending payment and interest in the 50mm, but not sold yet.



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A 50mm f1.7 sold subject to payment, thanks


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Some pictures of the Billingham 335. As you can see, it is in excellent condition.

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