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Just thought I'd share an idea which my Dad has had for a lens cap which is difficult to lose, specifically for wildlife situations where speed of cap removal is paramount, but protection of the front element remains important.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so here is a 3000 word essay on the subject

The cap is a "bushwacker" optic cover designed for a rifle scope, and the largest available size is just right for a 58mm front element like the one on the 55-300 as well as quite a few other Pentax lenses. Securing it in place is a bit of a pain, but can be achieved fairly successfully using a cable tie. Dad says "it will come off if you pull hard enough", for example when enthusiastically removing the camera from a tight fitting camera bag, but for the most part it stays put.

We showed this to Chris@SRS this morning and he reckoned it's a pretty good idea so we thought we'd share it.

BTW, lighting for two of the above shots was provided using a "Rogue" flash bender supplied by Chris this morning. Thanks Chris! works like a charm!
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Now I like that idea - I always have problems parking my lens cap


What happens if you are using a hood - like the petal shaped ones ?
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They've had them for years on Sony camcorders, but I've
never really liked the idea. Always snapping shut when
you don't notice it.

There used to be a black cord with a sticky fixing at either
end which just let the lens cap dangle in the air.
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Unfortunately that is the problem with this idea, you can't use the petal hood with it, the rubber thing (technical term there!) does extend in front of the front element by an inch or so, so you get some benefit there but it's probably not as good as the original hood. The 55-300 doesn't come with a petal hood anyway so we haven't found it to be a problem for us.

Algernon, the beauty of the rifle scope ones is they're sprung, so they can't close on you at an awkward moment. We all find the solutions which work best for our needs
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Mongoose wrote:
The 55-300 doesn't come with a petal hood anyway so we haven't found it to be a problem for us.

The retail version does.

I am presuming you can't store the hood reversed either.
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Sorry they beat you to it - and they are sprung.

And you can still get the black cord sticky dangly things if you look hard enough. You can also make them fairly easily yourself.
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