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Flash - Sigma EF-610 DG ST Pentax PA-PTTL Shoe Mount Flash.

Posted 15/11/2023 - 14:31 Link
£35 inc delivery to UK mainland
Not used, just tested and got for a project/event that never happened!

The Sigma EF-610 DG ST Pentax PA-PTTL features a powerful Guide Number of 61 and is designed to work with the TTL auto exposure system.

The autozoom function automatically sets the optimum illumination angle in accordance with the lens' focal length in a range from 24mm to 105mm. When the built-in Wide Panel is used, the flash can cover the angle of 17mm. For bounce flash, the flashgun head can be tilted up by 90 degrees, to the left by 180 degrees, or to the right by 90 degrees. It can also be tilted down by 7 degrees allowing ease of use for close-up photography.

In addition to automatic mode, the flashgun also features a manual flash mode, making it possible to set the flash power to full or 1/16. When the flashgun is fully charged, a confirmation 'ready' light will be emitted and the flash exposure level can be checked through the camera’s viewfinder. Other features incorporated into this flashgun include the Auto Power-Off function to help save battery power.
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Grumpy GrandPa, Recently Retired.
Gotta K-3iii now, had a K-S2, K50 and so suffering from a relapse and so buying digital camera kit.
Previous addiction has resulted in using Zeniths, Yashicamat, Chinons, Minoltas, Samsungs, Fujis, Cosina, Kodak, Lumix, Canon, Nikon and Pentax etc etc - have tried most makes in the past 50 years. Love cameras - love taking photos even more

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