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I think the first instalment of chapter two scores most highly for composition and benefits from some interesting lighting effects. HDR shots sometimes stand accused of being 'overcooked', but if anything this one seems to have been removed from the oven slightly too early -- the colours lack a bit of punch, from where I'm sitting. That said, I do quite like it. There are elements that look more like a painting than a photograph.


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That first one is a classic. I like the monochrome shot of the viaduct.
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Very nice work Andy and making me feel homesick.
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Thank you again for your comments. Its interesting that the first one of the viaduct is preferred by the majority; I thought that the HDR effect would have been less to taste. I agree with you Simon - I had tried wrestling a bit more with the colours but went round in circles making it worse, Will have to try again! Having said that, the colour version of the second one has slightly naff colours in the brickwork IMO.

I agree that the foreground of the second image could be cropped a bit as it is dead space. As far as cropping the foreground on the first one is concerned, that is more open to debate it would seem.

And sorry Adrian - obviously no joy yet in being able to move back?
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I am going against the flow with this one and say I like the colour second version the best, but it does need a hefty crop at the bottom to remove the dead space. The first version does not look natural to me as there is not enough shadow definition, probably the result of the HDR treatment.

Regardless, both versions are excellent shots.

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First shot and mono for me.

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Sorry I'm on a catch up here Andy.

Beautiful shot of the pier with the diffused pastel background and stark bold subject.

The Viaduct I've got to go with number 1 for making the best use of the pattern
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Thanks David and Gary. I actually like the composition and punch of the first one but need to have another go at getting the shadow depth and colour better.

Ok - day 3. An in camera effect - a double exposure. This was taken back in 1997 with the Z1-P and 28-80 lens on Velvia 50
First exposure - focussed at -0.7stop. Second exposure - deliberately out of focus -1stop



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I love the glow and the rich colours, very nice. I hadn''t thought of doing something like that. I wonder if it would work with digital.... hmmmmm....

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When I came across this image, I was wondering why haven't I tried it with digital - especially as one can keep trying and see the result straight away!


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I like the effect, Andy - nice to see a bit of film-era manipulation, too.


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Nice colour pallet. Would not have a clue where to start with your technique, I'm pleased I'm digital
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Thanks Simon and Barrie. I must have another go with the digital camera.
Barrie - I found doing multiple exposure easier with the old Z1-P. It had a multi-exposure feature that was easily accessible.

The digital cameras have the feature buried in the menu system, and once selected its easy to inadvertently cancel it!

Here is day 4;

Means a lot to me this. I was staying in a retreat place and this was in the garden. A night-time shot with full-ish moon. Taken just after midnight


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alfpics wrote:
When I came across this image, I was wondering why haven't I tried it with digital - especially as one can keep trying and see the result straight away!

I've done a few similar things by taking a single frame, applying a blur and then merging the blurred image back onto the original photo.....

Very nice shot btw, great colours! I have a lens or too that give that effect when I'm not even trying
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Late as usual.
I like the pier and I like that it is soft, giving it a sense of distance; Things aren't pin sharp when they're a long way away.
I like the first viaduct shot, really nice and I like the illustrative, slightly unreal processing.
Great work with the leaf, nice idea. composition could be more striking
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