First set from the D-FA* 85mm f1.4


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The lens arrived yesterday (courtesy of the usual top class service from SRS) but weather, work and a fallen tree conspired to stop me using it until this afternoon. These are all taken around the garden, most at maximum aperture and processed in LightRoom - there is no Sharpening, Clarity or Lens Corrections of any sort.

1. f2.2

2. f1.4

3. f1.4

4. f1.4

5. f1.4

6. f4.0

7. f1.4

8. f2.2 and 50% crop

9. f1.4

10. f1.8

11. f1.4

They really are just garden snaps, but comments welcome


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That lens can deliver.

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I love no7, great catch and fabulous detail at f/1.4.
No2 is a real beauty too. The amount of light you had to play with suggests a battle but it's delivering beautifully and more importantly realistically. It is handling colours differently than the 50, there is a richer, deeper undercurrent showing up. Kinda like the K55/1.8 vs the K50/1.4, the 55 always had a different look to it.
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Stunning set there my good man!


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Thanks for the comments - if anyone is interested in seeing bigger sized versions (and a few other shots) here's a link to my mini Flickr album:


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Oh my word you've done this lens justice.

Every single image has an excellent focal point - and I'd highlight number 7 because as I scrolled down I was looking for the 'in focus' bit, and boy did it deliver.

It's obvious that a tool like this absolutely highlights a good photographer's abilities. If you've got a great eye (which John here really has), you've now got a lens that will translate that vision into an image that has it all. Keep them coming!
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Nice images... I'm no judge so wont comment further... I'm interested in this lens myself for portrait work. I would like your personal view of, is it worth the expense ? or maybe a comparison of the same image with a cheaper lens.... Say FA 50 ?
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Very nice images, all of them!

Congratulations on your new lens😊 Hopefully it will be a success for Pentax.



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Thanks for the comments Guys - much appreciated, but these really are just "snaps" from a wander round the garden - I think it's got a lot to offer but finding the time and weather to make the most of it is the problem

Stuart - it's far too early to give a proper judgement on this lens, although in terms of Price then it is unlikely it is worth that much when comparing it to the FA 77mm f1.8 Limited or the FA* 85mm f1.4 - I've had stunning images from both those lenses, and there are times when either of those would be a better lens to have with you (the new model is large and weighty). What this lens offers is WR, quick and very accurate Autofocus, great flare resistance, less fringing (there is still some, but minimal and under extreme conditions) glimpses of very nice Bokeh, and a lens hood that can double as a cake stand.

If I do any testing against another lens it will probably be against the FA*85, not a 50mm but none of that will be for a while, I'm just itching to get out and use it

P.S. - I do still have a spare FA*85/1.4 for sale (I've got 2) if anyone is after a "poor relation"
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