First impressions of a 60 years old Tair 300.


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As many of the reviews say, it's a heavy brute and I certainly wouldn't use it for walkabouts but it sits nicely on a sturdy tripod and this copy is an excellent performer.
All of these were taken using an IR remote with a 3 second delay. It is surprising how long it can take for the micro vibrations to cease after you let go of everything when there is such a weight of metal and glass bouncing around! They are either wide open (f4) or stopped down just sufficiently to have all the main elements in focus.

1. The wild plum tree is in full flower at the moment and it was perfect for what I wanted. This one hasn't had much processing and you can see the lack of contrast that characterizes many shots, together with the soft, unobtrusive bokeh. Contrast can be easily restored in PP.

2. I doubt there was a lot of colour photography in 1958 so I'm guessing it was optimised for black and white?

3. That said, its colour rendition is bright and very pleasing, This is an 80% crop, which gives an idea of how sharp it is around f5.6.

4. It certainly has its own character.

5. Finally, there was just enough unobstructed space to capture these lovely snowdrops right at the back of the hedge

I don't think I shall be selling this one on any time soon.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Seems like you got an excellent bargain lens, those look super.
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One of my favourite aspects of the forum is that lenses are often passed onto users that you know will make the best of them - David is one such user (so is Kris), as is being proved already


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Hi David, the Tair 300mm is a really good lens. It shows with the superb pictures you made with
it I bought one for about $AU50.- a few years ago and it also gives great images. I don't use it as much as I should, because of it weight and size. Make sure you keep this lens.
You mention that it maybe made for B&W film. I don't think when a lens, no matter how old it is , as long as it is good corrected it makes no difference what type of film is used. If it is not well corrected it also shows up on B&W.
I often use a 110 year old uncoated Rapid Rectilinear Baush & Lomb lens and as long as I use a lens hood, it makes really outstanding pictures. In fact, I think the lack of a coating brings out the colours more like the original. The picture you see has been made with this lens at about f11.


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"Old glass rulz !"
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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