Film camera with DA/FA lens compatibility - what do you recommend?


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A question from a new member:

I have a K20D bought last year (excellent camera IMO), which I mainly use on manual setting and focus. I very occasionally do some film photography (slide or B&W) with an old 1970s Olympus RC35 (fixed-lens compact), & I'm thinking of picking up a Pentax body that can use the same FA & DA lenses as the K20. I'm happy to go fully manual (I grew up with a Praktica MTL3) and in some respects the ME Super appeals - but my guess is that the older cameras won't cope with lenses that lack an aperture ring (or at best will be stuck fully open). Can anyone advise which series started to have aperture controls in the body - and maybe suggest something suitable? My instinct is to go for simplicity and strength if any of the later models fit that description - it won't get used that often and I'd like it to last as long as my RC35.
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Basically any A series or later Pentax body will enable use of program and shutter priority modes. The later MZ series cameras may be a better bet though, and of these the MZ-6 actually introduces aperture control by the camera body.

So I suggest the MZ-6. However, bear in mind that DA lenses may have a reduced image circle, so may give vignetting on full frame film bodies. Still worth a try, and some lenses will be better than others.
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As John mentions, digital lenses can vignette. The plus side is you can usually see it in the view finder.

I carried out an experiment with my standard 18-55 digital lens on a P30 body, thread here, and was happy with the results. There are samples at the end of the thread.
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The MZ6 is a little less common than the the MZ50 - there are usually 2 or 3 available on E-bay at any one time. They don't fetch big money as a concequence of being in good supply. Designed for the "cripped" KAF lenses ie those with no aperature ring such as the DA & DA* lenses.

I've used one and found it reliable.

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To concur wuth Steve's point, I have an MZ-60. I would whole-heartedly recommend it. It's gives great results with my DA*50-135. Only cost me 20....


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Many thanks for the advice. It looks as if the best option if I'm going to swap lenses between the cameras is an MZ6/MZ60 or similar (I had an MZ50 until the wind-on mechanism played up). The vignetting problem shouldn't be too much of an issue as I only have one DA lens (18-55) and my 'standard' FA zoom (24-90) should go wide enough for what I want with a 35mm.

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The DA40/2.8 works quite well on film.


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You can use DA lenses with Z-1 or Z-1p with full compatibility.
The cameras are more expensive than Mz series (not Mz-S) but you have similar control with DSLR
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I second that. If you can find a Z1 or Z1-P you will find them to be most similar to a DSLR, but they will also use M and K lenses properly (unlike many later bodies).

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