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Posted 15/05/2017 - 17:29 Link
intresting article by david healey comming out in the next issue of AP (that is unless you have it deliverd direct as i have mine already)

that there is a high intrest in god quality film cameras and not by the people you would think of ie us old fuddy duddys that grew up with film but the young whipper snappers lol

and he has suggested that if one off the camera companys had the balls to produce somthing off the k1 quality in 35mm slr that takes all the lens that are avalible they could make a killing

so is film on the way back what do you think
Posted 15/05/2017 - 17:54 Link
Film is doing very well, but as a minority interest. It will never reclaim its crown as the medium of choice as the digital revolution has swept that away.

It's an interesting and slightly expensive way to go as things stand now. I wouldn't go back to film, it no longer fits in with what I need.
Best regards, John
Posted 15/05/2017 - 17:58 Link
The thing with film cameras is that it's not the plastic AF ones people want but the older metal ones that look like proper cameras. A few years ago several young & trendy fashion brands were using manual focus cameras in advertising: link

Lomography revived film to an extent - but caused great disappointment when the hipsters realised that a K1000 can turn out high quality, sharp and correctly exposed photos instead of the washed out, out of focus and light leaking images they thought were cool.

The reality though is that it will be a fad - it's not like a vinyl record that you can keep playing - once the film & processing costs bite (and they're higher than ever) - it is likely to be a short run thing.

That said - I work in a very hi-tech office with lots of young people. They're all drooling over the latest CaNikon 'super-high-ISO' body until I break out my P67 "Wow!!! Does it do HD?"...
Posted 15/05/2017 - 22:45 Link
There's so many used film cameras around with many in excellent condition and for sale at bargain prices, would anyone pay the cost of a brand new one? However, apparently, there are still some one can buy:
and on a similar theme:
The SLR featured (not a Pentax) is roughly the same price as a K-1, yet a second hand Pentax can be purchased for a tenth that or less.
Perhaps the AP article writer needs to research the market more closely where he would find what he proposes is already available (but for how much longer.) I don't think the company who make that film SLR (whose name begins with N) is really making a killing with it!
John K
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Posted 15/05/2017 - 23:44 Link
long live film!!!

when you shoot it long enough you will struggle to lift a dslr

a little scan just done in the last few minutes
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Posted 16/05/2017 - 07:55 Link
I shoot film and enjoy it very much, despite it being harder work than digital. I don't agree that the return of film will be short-lived - after the dip people are realising that it can yield very different results from digital, especially when compared to the horribly cranked saturation and contrast average digital photo.

Film has a different look, a different film and is vastly more enjoyable to shoot than digital is. I think it will be around for quite a while yet.

PS - I am quite young (36) but not a hipster, so I regard myself as part of the demographic group that is bringing film back.
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Fan of DA limited and old manual lenses
Posted 16/05/2017 - 15:25 Link
PS - I am quite young (36) but not a hipster, so I regard myself as part of the demographic group that is bringing film back.[/quote]

so the Q is if pentax/ricoh bought out a new film camera

that took all the new lenses as well as the old
would you be intrested in buying one
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Posted 16/05/2017 - 22:42 Link
Unlikely - I have enough film bodies and old lenses and it would have to be very special to trump my LX & P6x7. Since buying the P6x7 I basically stopped shooting my K-5 & 35mm bodies (apart from my LX).

The trouble is it would cost as much as (or more than) a DSLR and requires a thriving film sales & processing infrastructure. DSLRs use lots of hi-tech expensive components - but these mostly come ready assembled ready to be installed in the body (granted that has to be precise - but so do film cameras). Film cameras on the other hand required lots of individual, complex mechanical components to be built into the body equally precisely (film transport mechanisms are enormously complicated - and they're the easy bit). The cost of labour to make them well would be dis-proportionate.

The Nikon FM10 (all manual SLR) is on sale in B&H for $520 (over 400) with a 35-70 kit zoom, this is little more advanced than a K1000 and rumoured to be built by Cosina. To use modern (SDM) lenses you'd need a whole lot more automation.

Of course, if it was a Z-1 inside a magnesium body, using the battery out of a K-5 that could drive the PZ contacts to provide SDM with film rebate exposure recording... I could be persuaded ...

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