Field Walking With The FA 28mm


Link Posted 15/03/2022 - 12:01
The first walk with the FA 28mm f2.8 recently acquired from LennyBloke. And the first walk round the dog-walking fields since the dog became too old to walk that far early last year. And the first walk round the fields since the dog went to the Great Kennel In The Sky last month. Nothing startling photographically, but birds were singing, the sun was trying to shine, it was good to see that nothing in the fields had changed and the exercise no doubt did me good! Old habits die hard, though - even though there was no dog on a lead, I still found myself trying to take shots with one hand.

Thought, comments etc. welcome as usual.




4. Thomas Hardye the author/poet used this footpath (allegedly).



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Looks my kinda place! Nice images
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Thanks, Gareth.
cardiffgareth wrote:
Looks my kinda place!

It's a good area for a holiday - come and enjoy it first hand!



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Some classic foreground fillers there Steve - looks like you're enjoying it already


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#2 hits the spot for me Steve. And like Gareth, I'd love to take a walk around there, especially the Thomas Hardy path, as I've set a few of his poems to music and quite appreciate his manner of putting feelings into words. Your little set goes well with his poem 'Paying Calls';

I went by footpath and by stile
Beyond where bustle ends,
Strayed here a mile and there a mile
And called upon some friends.

On certain ones I had not seen
For years past did I call,
And then on others who had been
The oldest friends of all.

It was the time of midsummer
When they had used to roam;
But now, though tempting was the air,
I found them all at home.

I spoke to one and other of them
By path and stone and tree
Of things we had done ere days were dim,
But they spoke not to me.

(That one and others are up on my bandcamp page, if interested - sergeremy is my handle there).


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I know those fields, Steve. Used to be our local walk when we lived in Dorch.

Every day's a holiday!
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