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FA31 and FA77 MIJ silver for sale


Link Posted 31/01/2019 - 18:28
I rarely check this forum now, as i went to the dark side (rangefinder...), and moved away from the forums...
So some really fine lenses are sitting alone on the shelf and maybe it is time to get them a new loving home.
Both were bought here, 2011 or 2012 i guess. Both are basically like new, maybe a dust spot, maybe even not a single one.
The most beautiful lenses i ever saw in my life. Both are fully equipped, original pouch, box, like from the store.
FA31 is exactly the lens that was tested on ephotozine, bought from the tester

I bought many thing here, also sold some. Insured shipping would be about 30eur or so.
Make me an offer.
All the best, Janko (Slovenia)


Link Posted 05/02/2019 - 16:02
Hello Mr. Janko!
I'm new, I can't write a privat message, please send me a letter, and I'll make a quote.
Thank you.


Link Posted 11/02/2019 - 22:04
no love? make me an offer.
pentax k7 + grip, mz-5n, da 15/4 ltd, fa 31/1.8 ltd, fa 77/1.8 ltd, revuenon 55/1.2, falcon 8/3.5 fisheye, leica m7, m8, 50/2, 90/2.8, voigtlander 15/4.5, 25/4, 35/2.5
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