FA 28-105mm F3.2-4.5


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Does anyone have experience of using this lens , the opinions are mixed in the Forums in the American website.



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I've just finished doing a review of the lens, so hopefully that will be published here and on EPZ very soon.
Best regards, John


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I'll look forward that John. I've had it for two days now and still getting to know it.
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joostdh wrote:
I've had it for two days now and still getting to know it.

So what is your first impression?
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I am struggling to get really sharp photos with this lens on landscape and general views but managed a couple of acceptable ones at close-up so it's probably me. Nice blurred background though. One of the comments was that it's ok for a 'cheap' lens - at 529.00 I don't think so! I opted for this as a general walk-around lens on the K-1 in preference to the much heavier 24-70mm and I do find the combination very manageable.


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A couple of examples that didn't get into the review.
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K1 and D-FA28-105 @ ISO 3200:

K1 and D-FA28-105 @ ISO 12800:

Full exif in the pics.

Quick question as I can't find the answer, are we still limited to 1000 x 1000pix image size for posting in forums and the gallery?
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To my eyes only John's first photo looks very sharp, this is the only one I have which I am happy with in terms of sharpness. The more distant the subject, the less good it gets.


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I find this lens pretty sharp if stopped down a bit and provided no filters are used. I have a Jacobs UV filter which I used for protection and a polariser. I have found that both seem to degrade the image - the polariser seemed to affect the focus - I tried to photograph a small flower this morning and could not get a correctly focused image but when I removed the polariser it was tack sharp. The photo of Leith Hill tower has simply been very slightly adjusted in the shadows but has not been sharpened.



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I am a little confused (happens more and more these days)

Are we discussing the new lens (D FA 3.5-f5.6) or the old FA 28-105 (f3.2-4.5)??

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Good question. I was discussing the new D-FA lens, but now I'm not so sure!
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Erm, my comments are about the new lens so apologies to theonenadeem if that's not the one he is interested in. Maybe we should split this into two discussions?


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The title indicates the aperture range as F3.2-4.5 ..... And indeed I've seen that lens listed in the database, an FA zoom designated AL (IF).
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Quite right, we seem to have got our wires crossed. I've just finished a very intense 10 days or so looking at four new Pentax lenses (28-105, 24-70, 15-30, 70-200) so the new 28-105mm was pretty much on my mind. That's my excuse anyway, so sorry to the OP if we got it wrong.
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As I said before, pictures such as the goose and 'Flying Scotsman' in particular fail to give me confidence that the K1 and/or new lens tracking autofocus performance is up to scratch (though I do note that Scotsman was visiting the Fife Circle well into the evening when light levels were declining).

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