eye-watering water-damage repair cost for K5+18-135mm


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Just as an aside to this thread, water can get into the K-5 and K-7 bodies via the in-built flash housing and can run inside the body from there. Be careful about this particular area of the camera. It hasn't happened to me but I've seen it happen to someone else.


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Well, on Friday Pentax asked for all documentation again as if I'd never spoken to them. They'd had it from me and the seller for over a week already. They say they are investigating.

Today I get an email from the seller - they've not heard from Pentax at all since and are sending the camera back unrepaired. Pissed off with waiting.

Yes the seller is being unreasonable, it's not in their store room, but they've had it nearly a month, without Pentax making any effort.

My warranty was valid when I sent it in, it isn't any more when I get it back, so I can't try with another.

Looks like a long slog with Pentax. I daren't call again case they start a new case all over again, again.

I have exchanged over 25 emails with the seller and about 10 with Pentax.

Pentax send one email to the parties concerned, answered a question that wasn't askedasked, then do nothing. Terrific.


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Hi, if it is covered by warranty, it still is. you have proof that this happened during the warranty period....

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Are you sure Giorgio? I hope so, but regardless I'll be trying that with Pentax.

This was not meant to be a commentary on customer services but rather the strength of Pentax's claims to weatherproofing...

We shall see what happens next


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Unfortunately we can't draw any conclusions because we don't know what the fault was, we haven't had similar problems and to be fair there will always be a percentage failure rate for any manufactured item.

Meanwhile, I for one continue to venture out into the rain without hesitation.

I hope you have a successful warranty claim in the end.
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Meanwhile, I for one continue to venture out into the rain without hesitation.

I may venture out in the rain too but not 100% sure I'll take a camera with me Have a lot more confidence after the Yorkshire Dales though



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Yep agreed John. I would also like to know exactly what the cause and fault was/is.

I can accept being in that 1%. Someone has to be. So long as it gets dealt with. Not even sure if you normally get told these things if they just fix it, but still. When you get a claim rejected, you don't just want to know, you need to know.

By all accounts those with the early sensor problems were dealt with fairly well. I like to think it was a reaction to customer's needs, and not because a crowed makes more noise than a lone voice.
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Although, I have been informed today Pentax HQ are still thinking about it, I do have at least one offer on the table.

I have been offered to have it repaired for 308. Now that's a drop of 340, so roughly parts plus a token 5 extra, but that's just me guessing. I'm still trying to get back to the seller about another offer they left me a voice mail message about. It could be the same offer communicated by another means though.

Obviously once I know, I'll question the repair centre whether it's really needed, precautionary and imporantly whether the cause is known, i.e. could it happen again in normal use as no seals are being replaced.

But what puzzles me is that when I called Pentax to see if they had authorised this offer, they had no record of it on file, but they said they would try to push for a decision, while agreeing I shouldn't have it sent back I unrepaired if at all possible just to send it back again, due to the costs involved.

Calling them again today, I am informed HQ have been chased for a response internally but none has been made yet.

Has anyone heard of such a response from a repair centre? An at cost repair without Pentax HQ authorisation/involvement. If they are behind the offer, then it's a rather odd way of going about it and at the end of the day 308 is still not small change.


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You would think that common sense would prevail. It's silly to have to talk about the exact semantics of weatherproof, waterproof and weather resistant and the small print.

Pentax marketing clearly gives the impression that WR means that you kind use the cameras in all conditions. Obviously a modicum of common sense has to prevail and you wouldn't expect this to mean that it will be fine all day long in the Antarctic. But you would expect the claim that the camera shuts out water drops means it can be used in the rain without water ingress. The size and frequency of the rain drops shouldn't really be an issue.

Given that the failure of the WR seems very rare then you would have thought that Pentax would give the customer the benefit of the doubt (if there is any) and just quietly replace the camera without fuss, especially given the K5 is gearing up for clearance prior to the new model(s). The alternative is to have the bad publicity of threads such as this and well known blogs and to potentially have to justify the situation in court and to have the advertising challenged too. For example, I would say the fact that the camera is not guaranteed against rain ingress is a significant condition of the claim that it shuts out water drops and therefore should be made prominent alongside the headline advertising.

The cost to Pentax is negligible and certainly much less than the potential reputational damage to one of the key attributes of a Pentax camera.
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Maybe it would be worthwhile going onto the Pentax Facebook page and airing your grievance. Personally I don't have a Facebook account but I do know of someone who kicked up a right stink on another companies page and what had taken months was settled in days after the post.

Apologies if this has been suggested before but I haven't kept up with the thread and this forum has no go to last read post button
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What is weather resistant


"Although a material may be determined to be weather resistant, this does not mean that it will not incur any damage. Given enough time, even the most highly rated material will eventually wear out."
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Mike - I really hadn't wanted to do that, but have done just that after the Pentax repair centre got so fed up waiting for Pentax, they sent it back unrepaired.

At least they did this for free. This, though, is only becuase I didn't give them my bank details.
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