Eye piece magnifier or screen magnifier.


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Hi to all at Pentax user ,just a quick enquiry about an alternative eye piece on the Pentax k70.
My eyesight is not what it was but I can clearly see the image and settings on display in the viewfinder, thank God for the diopter.
I do however focus manually on a lot of occasions and I feel like I could do with a bit of magnification to clearly see where my point of focus lies.
I really canít use live view even with my reading glasses on as the flip screen is just to small for me.
My question is does anyone have experience with eyepiece magnification or screen piece magnification . I do prefer to look through the viewfinder but am open to suggestions.
I see a lot of these advertised on eBay but they are coming from China and I donít feel like waiting months for delivery.
If anyone knows of an optically correct magnifier for the k70 available in a matter of a few days delivery Iíd appreciate your input. Thanks in advance ,Flan


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I use one of these
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Mike-P wrote:
I use one of these

Just beat me to it.

1.2 magnification across the full field of view. Made by Pentax for Pentax, fits all Pentax DSLRs. It was permanently on my K20D, now it's permanently on the K3. Wouldn't be without it.

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Thanks Mike-P an Thanks Lubbyman for the quick replies. I feel a bit naive now , not knowing Pentax made one 😔 . So thatís the eyepiece I will get. Thank again and sorted as of tomorrow.


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I concur with the Pentax 1.2 eyepiece. Have one on my K S2 and never leave the house without it. I also use the right-angle eye attachment by Pentax on all my cameras. 1x and 2x selectable. I have had that for years can still be found used. It makes low-level and high-level camera positions easier on the eye and back. Both of these items work on many other brands of cameras as well.


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Thanks for the info denverclassic about the right angle version. I saw one for sale recently and was unsure that it would adapt to the modern eyepiece , so thatís good to know also . Iím happy out now knowing a bit more , cheers to everyone


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I'm not sure that they do fit on DSLRs. They were made for M and K series film cameras and the mounting is about .5mm too narrow to go over the eyepiece. If you take a Dremel tool to it to remove a bit the two spring grippy thingies fall off. Been there - lost the T shirt.
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There are cheap, made-in-China (?) right angle finders that come with adapters for Pentax (and other) cameras. They are not as robust as an original Pentax, but they do the job and are fine for occasional use. Treat them with respect and they will last a long while. I've had one for many years and it's still working OK. Most importantly, they can be found new rather than having to wait until a suitable used one turns up. Here's one link.



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Thanks again for the extra info , I will be enhanced with vision soon but Iíll have to invent other excuses for my botched photos when my eyesight will not be at fault😉


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Mike-P wrote:
I use one of these

How much of the viewfinder do you lose? Imagine that on the K-3 iii in crop mode?!

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