Examples of 10mm wide angle to 17mm


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Someone was kind enough to give me a loan of a Sigma 10-20mm lens for over a week. This is a proper wide angle lens.

I presume there's many other like me that would like to see how much more you actually capture with a wide angle. So here are some photos comparing 10mm with 17mm.
My thoughts are it's a 'nice to have' lens but I don't know how much I'd use it.

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It's amazing how much a 10mm will include.

You can quite clearly see the different perspective between 10mm and 17mm in the Anthony Ryans shop and the bookshop interior (last shot).

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Agreed, I just picked up a Sigma 8-16mm. It's pretty amazing.


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The Sigma 10-20mm is a great lens, the IQ is very good and for landscapes you don't need to say how perfect it is for wide sweeping shots and big skies.

I haven't used it a great amount for urban shots, but when I have it always pleases me. It gives you the opportunity to tweak the perspective and do some cropping which I have found handy.

When I decided to sell 7 of my 9 lenses to fund a second brand of camera, it never crossed my mind to part with the 10-20. No prizes for guessing what the first 3rd party lens I picked up for my new brand of camera was.

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Still loving my DA 10-17mm
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I'm loving my sigma 10-20 for indoor shots of the kids


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You can use the 10mm end to step around obstructions like this....
Sorry about the quality, I was just messing around with these on
a very dull day whilst waiting for some friends.

Lighting column in the way......

Step in closer....

It's Gone!

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff

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In a similar vein I posted this a while back (8-16mm)

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