Every button press sounds like a photo is being taken!!


Link Posted 21/09/2012 - 13:47
Update: K-5 went off for warranty repair via SRS (to Johnsons)...

...they replaced the mirror motor.

(And at the same time calibrated the body to my DA*16-50 that was seriously back-focussing. Oddly it now appears that most of the other lenses I have don't need any AF adjustment either - when they were all slightly different! The FA50/1.4 is an exception, but the DA*50-135 and DA12-24 both seem bang on the money. It's odd that adjusting the body can make all the rest fall into line!)

Looks like the shutter/mirror issue is resolved (though I'm going to give it a work out over the next week to see)

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Link Posted 21/09/2012 - 14:54
Don't forget that you can access the debug menu via PK_Tether
to +/- the master AF adjustments if you have any lenses
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