Ever wondered if there's a use for your pano's elsewhere?


Link Posted 11/06/2012 - 16:49
I've been looking at multi-monitor set-ups on the internet, and found a site that allows users to upload and download images for dual, triple, and quad-monitor setups. If anybody's interested in putting their work on the site, feel free to join. There's no money to be made by uploading to this site, but it may be another way to put your "name in the frame".

Since it's a "niche" market it's catering to, I don't think copyright theft is something to worry about, however, maybe any images you do post can be watermarked, with a link back to your email address so that if somebody wants the untouched image, you could possibly negotiate a fee.

I've uploaded one image to see how it goes in the meantime.

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