Epson v370 scanner. Fine for rank amature usage?


Link Posted 14/03/2016 - 08:42
These are coming up as quite inexpensive. I only want to view my 35mm film images on a laptop screen and maybe upload to the internet. This should be adequate for such requirements? If I am carrying on with film it would have paid for itself within 6-8 months or so. I can then use the local developer I like as they don't do scans from negatives at the time.

I'm not expecting absolutely amazing results just something close enough to the negative to make me happy. I was previously using a 35mm film scanner from 7DayShop but it got dust inside that I can't get out.

90 buys one new. Scanning usually adds 5-7 on top of developing costs. IS it worth going this route?
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All these Epsons have very similar innards. Mine is a V500, so slightly newer than that one. Below is the sharpest scan from a 35mm negative that I've managed recently and I've never managed anything significantly sharper from it. This is likely around the sharpest you're likely to be able to get. Getting the colour right is also very difficult with these scanners.

Fuji 400H, P30T, Newcastle 016a by Jonathan MacDonald, on Flickr

Make sure you get a new one with guarantee because a lot of people complain that the AC adapter fails after a while (mine is fine though).
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I think there has to be a compromise somewhere. The Plustek style just seems to have a design issue with cleaning if dust gets in. This happened to mine.

It's not an enormous amount of money and would be good enough as it would just be used for viewing on the laptops. Can alwys get better scans on individual frames/prints if I want.

So with a little perseverence and Lightroom it will give acceptable results?
K5, K200 and several film Pentax cameras!
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