end of an era


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Oh well it looks like i will have more time to play with my k5 and bits and bobs for a while
as i am being made redundant so thats 26 years of my life gone for sweet fa excuse the swearing

Regards stu


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sorry about that.

That is NOT a nice way to end your working life
let the education continue

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Sorry to hear that Stu

Remember though...

You are not your job...

If you can afford to enjoy taking photos with the k-5 everyday
Learn how to live and you'll know how to die; learn how to die, and you'll know how to live.

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Stuart, I was in the same place over a year ago so I can emperthise with how you feel. On a positive note though, new door may open and you may find yourself doing or learning new things.




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I'm sorry to hear that. A rotten thing to happen although I can assure you that the only thing better than work is not work. So to speak.

Best of luck finding a new opportunity and perhaps a different direction. Who knows, in a year's time you may look back and feel it was the best thing to happen to you.
Best wishes,


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You and me both brother, I'm having the same treatment after 38 years, I have about six months before the work is transferred to another company. Look on the bright side, plenty of time on my hands to do whatever the wife says. Good luck.


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Sorry to hear that - it happened to me a few years ago and it's difficult not to feel s**t about yourself. The two most important things I've learnt since then is, as Fletcher8 says, new doors do open, and that generally redundancy is not personal, it's the business that gone wrong NOT you.

I hope that you find something fulfilling quickly.

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Sorry to hear that Stu, you too Steve, good luck with finding something new quickly.

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Sorry to hear that Stu - you never know what is next it could be something you end up preferring
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been in the same situation when i was 40 , went self employed did not earn a fortune but paid the bills, had holidays , fed the family and THE BONUS spare time whenever I wanted it. if you have a skill to sell do it, good luck
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Sorry to hear this Stu - hope a new and better door opens for you...


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Been there twice in my working life. If circumstances allow, take a breather and consider the possibilities rather than jumping at the first opportunity that presents itself.


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I too am sorry to hear about your impending redundancies Stu and Steve.

Both SteveF and redbusa99 give good advice. Maybe you have skills you can use as a self employed person? Maybe it is time to reconsider what you really want to do, assuming your circumstances allow you that breathing space.

Good luck to you both, I hope you both find something which not only pays the bills but is fulfilling too.


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thank you all ther is dome good helpful tips many thanks to all
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