elinchrom el skyport radio slaves


Link Posted 26/01/2008 - 11:16
having a week or so to test these units I can highly recommend them for my studio lights, but also for firing my vivitar 283's, and pentax protable flashes and remote firing my d-slrs. I found these units cost less for the pair (transmitter and universal reciever) than a single pocket wizzard transciever. range is less than the pocketwizzard, but still very good.
highly resistant to interference, and very versitile.
very small, with a fragile looking antanea (hope it's tougher than it looks).
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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I tried not to create a new topic, this is why I'm refreshing this one, I hope you can help as it's related.

I have the trigger and I'm very happy with it when I use a studio strobe (Calumet Genesis), but I can't make it work with my portable Sigma EF 530 DG. I'm not sure whether it's the compatibility issue or if it's me doing something wrong with the configuration.
I mount the Sigma flash on a hot-shoe adapter (Hama and made in Germany, not the cheapest available from e-bay) on the tripod and I connect the hot-shoe adapter to a trigger with a PC to "mini-jack" cable. I checked the hot shoe adapter and it works fine the other way round (fires the studio strobe via the hot-shoe to mini jack cable when I put the adapter on the camera). I'm wondering whether it should fire the flash mounted on it, at least theoretically, when it receives the impulse from the PC plug. As I said, the other way round it is OK.
Sorry if this sounds complicated :-/

And thank you!



Link Posted 12/07/2010 - 21:05
I took a cheap pc to hotshoe adaptor I had layin around, cut off the pc socket and soldered on the mini jack it has worked flawlessly for years now.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.
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