eBay Sigma 18-200mm BIN 70 or offer


Link Posted 01/10/2016 - 18:58

Hope the link works ok.
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Link Posted 01/10/2016 - 20:55
It says that there is fungus present.


Link Posted 02/10/2016 - 19:14
On the photo it looks more like an oil smear. I wouldn't have thought the lens was old enough to suffer with fungus issues yet as it's only been available for seven years (released early 2009.) If it is fungus though a strong dose of sunlight UV might kill it off if it isn't well developed. It looks mint externally and the price at 70 or less seems reasonable. (Why did a 'less than' sign here truncate the post initially??)
The trouble is though that one doesn't want to risk fungus spreading to other lenses.
John K
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Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 07:08
oddly, I've got a copy of the very same lens with the same issue, degredation of the front element. Never been quite sure whether it's fungus or instead a problem with the cementing, but either way replacement glass is NLA for the model according to Sigma.


Link Posted 03/10/2016 - 10:32
Rather than replace it, why can't Sigma clean it? Even regrind it if need be.
John K
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