Donít hold your breath for a Pentax mirrorless


Link Posted 24/05/2019 - 18:00
johnha wrote:
I don't understand why there's so much discussion about Pentax and 'mirrorless' (horrible term as loads of cameras don't have mirrors). Pentax may not make a mirrorless interchangeable lens system (apart from the Q) in the same way very few make medium format systems. I'd much rather have the option of a medium format option than a 'me too' mirrorless system.

If Pentax did make a mirrorless system, there'd be complaints whether they went for an FF or APS-C option. The Nikon S7 (the flagship one) received an under whelming review in AP - a D810 equivalent that was less responsive with slower AF. Canon's doesn't have IBIS (keeps there IS lens sales up) and Sony couldn't even build a lens mount that was light tight.

If you want mirrorless go out and buy one, take your pick whether it's size, weight, AF, EVF or video. Personally I prefer medium format (film & digital) and would much rather cart round my P6x7 or 645D than anything else (both get more use than my K-5 or K-1). Life's to short to wait for something that might not appear or might not meet your expectations when it finally does.

The thread was a response to the recent announcement from a Ricoh executive that Pentax wouldnít introduce a mirrorless body and the rather interesting point that they expect photographers will return to DSLRs. Plus as you say the spread over a wide field of formats.
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