Don McCullin at the Tate


Link Posted 11/04/2019 - 14:44
AndrewA recommended this in Feb., and I went to it yesterday. If you are in London, it really is very well worthwhile going.

A superb collections of his images covering most things from his very early days in East London, through to the (all too many) wars that he has covered and on to some more recent Landscapes. The only downside is that it is very popular so gets a bit crowded, but it is possible to work your way around the crowds.

It runs through to 6th May and I would thoroughly recommend it.

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Glad you enjoyed Phil, powerful and talented stuff for sure!

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Another vote for seeing this if you get the chance. No opportunity for me to go, if there was I wouldn't hesitate.

It seems to be very similar to the Don McCullin exhibition I saw at the Imperial War Museum a few years ago. Great photography, great (and brave) human being. Superb, thought provoking and inspiring pictures. Pity that the human tragedies he recorded so brilliantly and forcefully are still being repeated around the world.



Link Posted 03/05/2019 - 14:55
Brilliant exhibition evoking some pretty raw emotions. It was really interesting to compare this with a former exhibition of Sebastio Salgado's work where he was trying to raise awareness of the ruination of some of the last most remote spots on the planet. The message was clear but everybody i came across talked about the superb quality of the images rather than the message. In the Don McCullin exhibition, the discussion was very much about the condition of our society rather than the photographic quality of the images.
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