Doh! That'll teach me for not reading the comp T&C's!


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I subscribe to Outdoor Photography newsletters and one dropped into my inbox a while ago for a street scene photo comp with a sister company called Digital Photo. Top prize is Ricoh GR3 and $1000 as well as a few other bits and pieces. Didn't read the T&C's did I and when an email comes back saying

Congratulations! After a rigorous process sifting through the many amazing entries to the Digital Photo Street Scene photo contest, we’ve selected your image, Jump!, as a semifinalist. There’s still a bit of judging left to do before we decide on the finalists and winners, but your photo stood out amongst the rest.

At this point, we do have to verify your eligibility for the contest before we continue forward. We have attached an Affidavit of Eligibility to this email – please fill it out and send it back to us so we can verify.

Furthermore, we request that you send over a high-res version of the image you submitted, without any watermarks, please.

We also ask for an extended caption or short story regarding the photo including date, location, and how the photo was taken. We also request the technical specifications of the equipment that you used (camera, lens, settings, other equipment).

I'm pretty over the moon as the last time I had an email like this I had won the AP Christmas special front cover image competition. Having opened the Affidavit of eligibility it's asking for social security details so I head back to the comps T&C's where I find out its only open to U.S citizens!

Gutted but all my fault for not checking prior to entering. I've emailed them and been informed I cannot win but can still be a finalist and be featured on their website.

Moral of the story is always check comp T&C's before entering
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Tough one that Gareth; good that you got so far in the competition though!



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The accolade remains. Well done!
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as David said it doesn't lessen the fact your image got there, well done Gareth.
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