Does the Q have focus confirm in manual


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Can't seem to find if the Q has a bleep and green icon to confirm focus in manual mode like my K-r. Unless I'm missing a setting mine doesn't seem to.


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I have just tried mine with the 01 prime lens and it confirms focus with both.


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Thanks Alan.That's a bit of a worry. Same lens. Only options in MF seem to be x2 or x4 assist and they don't seem to do anything in MF as they do in auto. When focusing in manual there is just full screen with no green focusing area and no confirmation. I haven't got one in focus yet just relying on my eyesight. Must be a setting somewhere. Any ideas anyone?


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Of the few limited times I have not used autofocus I have found manual focus unusable ...turn for agaes and nothing ever becomes sharp.
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DC, no need to worry, I think we are talking about different things.I thought from your original post that you meant manual exposure mode rather than manual focus.

Mine, like yours, doesn't confirm using manual focus, and I can't see any menus to change it.

I have tried the focus assist but its so sensitive it is really difficult to use.


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The only time I have used MF is when using the fish-eye lens, when there is no other option. However, even with the fish-eye, the image snaps in and out of focus on the screen very acutely.

I think this will be very much dependent upon individuals' eyesight though. I have an advantage here in that I am quite short-sighted, so looking at things close up is never a problem. I should image for those who are long-sighted it would be very different and some sort of magnification would be needed.

There are screen loupes available, would that help?
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I think a loupe is the only answer. This is a big, unrealised down for me. I'm longsighted so already have to put my reading glasses on to see the screen and distance is critical with those in terms of absolute sharpness. The plan for getting the Q was to take advantage of all of my K mount lenses which may now prove difficult. Can't believe there is no bleep confirmation!


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I'm glad I saw this before I went ahead with my planned Q purchase, I just presumed that manual focus lenses would bleep when focus was achieved.

As I wanted it for mainly manual lenses that has more or less written off the Q for me.
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I'll see how I get on Mike but that was my main reason as well. It's a massive omission that has slipped through the net but as people buy the adaptors it will be come more apparent. Trouble is once you start buying adaptors and loupes and other work rounds it's starts getting bigger and more expensive which defeats the object a bit. Luckily I got the low price from SRS so if I cut and run I won't lose much. I think I'll wait a bit though because it is good for other stuff.


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Maybe the Q10 will rectify this. For me this would also be a deal breaker as I would get it for extreme telephoto which would mean the adaptor and my longer lenses.
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I think it's down to the fact that it's contrast focus off the sensor (rather than phase detect as for dSLRs). On the K5 the focus confirmation for manual focus is achieved with phase detect... and I don't remember it being able to confirm when in Live View.

That said, there's an MF magnification option for Q lenses. It will show x2 or x4 automatically when you touch the manual focus ring - allowing very quick and positive MF. But, of course, that doesn't happen on the ebay K adapters etc (might do on the Pentax own adapter). (If you're lost trying to find it... it's in page 1 of the capture settings, "Focus Settings", then the "MF Assist" - which defaults to Off).

Because the Q's sensor is tiny, it's DoF is pretty large. I have a cheap ebay K-mount adapter and find it very easy to focus with a 50mm f/1.4, and even with a 300mm (DA55-300). Results are pretty good fun! The DA*50-135 does give nice results as well - behaving like a 740mm f/2.8 Sturdy tripod absolutely essential

..of course, if anyone wants to lend me a DA*300 or DA*60-250 to report on ease of use on the Q then I'd be happy to oblige

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Well good news and bad news Matt, I guess. I will be using it for long lenses as well if I can. Bad news is I hadn't realised I'm going to lose the magnification as well. Amazed the guys using it for long distance on the other forum hadn't mentioned this at all.
The problem for me is that as I wear reading glasses the screen will only be approximately in focus. A loupe with dioptre adjustment is going to be the best bet. But then I've got Q, 210, adapter 25, Ebay, Loupe 30 Ebay. So 265 before I start. Lucky I've got the lenses! But at that money I'm getting closer to the Pan DMC FZ200 which can give me an easy 650mm hand held! I will enjoy trying but I think it will end up as my holiday cam.


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Just an update on that...

If you set the Q to "MF" mode, then the OK button engages loupe mode. It defaults to x2 and you can use the rear dial to switch between x4 and x2.

In contrast, in "AF" mode the OK button will move the focus point.

Of course, with the Q10 there is a chance there could be some firmware updates for the Q...

As a walk-about and "fun" camera I don't think the Q can be beaten. It's just lovely to use. My favourite is with the Q01 standard prime
But with an ebay adapter (the one with aperture control and tripod mount) and the SMC FA50/1.4 strapped on it is amazingly compact and still has a fabulous bokeh at f/1.4! With the DA*50-135 it's crazy Will have to tripod it up and find some decent subjects...

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Thanks for the info Matt.


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Also thanks Matt for explaining MF.

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