Does it make any sense to use Pentax in the wedding photography?


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Thats really weird Gareth, I got rid of that K20D because it wouldnt take decent wedding pics, have you had it fixed

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Most current DSLR's are all capable of producing wedding images regardless of brand or sensor size. In relation to Pentax the K5 as a body for wedding work is fantastic, attach a DA* 50mm to 135mm and if you know what you are doing you will achieve some stella wedding images.

take a look at this example


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I've used Pentax K5's for about a 150 weddings now.
No problems so far.


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I'd have thought that the single biggest advantage a K5 had over other DSLRs is the dynamic range. If ever I were to be called upon to shoot a wedding then that would be my camera of choice: the disparity between the dark suits of the men and the blinding white highlights of the wedding gown would be a major headache. Far more of a concern than sensor size.

But hopefully I'll be spared such a request!
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fatspider wrote:
DONT use the fisheye near the brides nose or you'll never work again

A miserable wet cheerless day and suddenly a ray of sunshine appears in an old thread. Thank you fatspider



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It's funny how these old threads come around again, but Gareths work proved it then, I wonder if the OP did take up doing weddings..... jeff...
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