Do you process your own film?


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If he's a mate perhaps he'll do it privately for you still?
Or buy a developing tank!
Is having someone provide a disc of scanned images really that different to taking them on digital in the first place?
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QuestionableCarrot wrote:
ive just found out in the last few days that my mate who owned a shop in town that does developing and prints has had to close due to high rates etc.
He did a 36 roll of colour, developed and scanned for 4
The cheapest I can get it down to at the moment is 6 quid with postal fees

Looks like my days shooting analogue are numbered.

To say I am gutted is a understatement - I just cant afford to shoot it anymore

Shooting and reviewing digital images does absolutely nothing for me but I'll have to try and fall in love with it again

Sounds to me like you'll need to learn to develop yourself. In the long run I don't think it will work out as more expensive than having someone else do them, though it will use more of your time, especially if you're also scanning yourself.
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Developing your own B&W film is easy and a lot less reliant on accurate temperatures than colour.

Another option you could consider is shooting slide film and developing that yourself, I had a go at this back in the 80s using just a Patterson developing tank and the thermostatic shower in the bathroom, getting the shower to run at a specific temp. with the shower head removed gave me an instant supply of water at the correct temp.

Developing slide film may be a bit more expensive than colour negative but you have the advantage of a much cleaner noise free image.

Google E6 processing.
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I send mine to a lab (Peak Imaging - they've never let me down) but at over 10 to get a set of prints done, and with film costing 5 or more now (even FP4/HP5) the economics of prints from film is getting less appealing day by day. So I might just have to use E6 in the film cameras in future if I can get hold of Provia/Velvia inexpensively... I do love using my M645 and Z-1p but I don't have the skills or patience to develop my own film/
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Sorry I'm late on this thread but...

For my 3'apporth I use an AGFA Rondinax 35 daylight developing tank.

I get bulk film, load cassettes in a dark bag then following the instructions develop in the Rondinax.

Ilford chemicals (readily available) do the job ok, and after developing I scan into the computer.

I started developing my own film as an easy way of testing old cameras, and sort off kept going.

As an aside, I'm currently using Ilfosol S that's 2 years out of date, it's been kept cold and still does the job!
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