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Hi guys,

Pentax are giving you the opportunity to ask their team of experts questions so if you want advice on a particular piece of kit, want to learn more about a certain type of technology or have any other question you think Pentax can help with, please post them here.

Please do not ask about future releases as this is something that Pentax will not be able to discuss.

You'll have the opportunity to post your questions here for 1 month before we collect all of the questions together to send over to Pentax.

Once sent, please allow up to 1 month to receive a response to your question(s).

We will post the answers in this forum as well as in a news piece on-site.

I hope you find this opportunity useful!




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As a loyal user of Pentax equipment I'd like to see some of the firmware functions found in current models appear in updates to more recent, but no longer current models.

Focus peaking is one that springs to mind, I'm sure others can think of some more.

I'm not talking about retrofitting new firmware based functions to the very old models, just the last one or two, like the K-5/II/IIs bodies.

My question is, "Why won't Ricoh/Pentax provide some of the firmware only enhancements from current models for our slightly older ones?"
Peter E Smith

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If I'm allowed a second question, "Why was control of an off camera Pentax P-TTL compatible flash omitted from the Pentax MX-1, and can it be implemented in a firmware update (please)".
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My question relates to SDM lens motor failure. So is it not possible to allow the user a selection of SDM or screw drive focusing, where the lens has both systems?
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bforbes wrote:
. . . is it not possible to allow the user a selection of SDM or screw drive focusing, where the lens has both systems?

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Why is there no possibility of user calibration of the horizon/level sensor and correction ? Surely this is just a software fiddle factor somewhere.
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Why is the flash sync speed set at 1/180th rather than 1/250 ?


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Do you really expect us to need to calibrate all modern lenses to the body or should they autofocus accurately straight from the box please?


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Hi nik111, great thread and agree on all the above suggestions. If something else comes to mind I'll post it here.
John K


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Do you really expect us to need to calibrate all modern lenses to the body or should they autofocus accurately straight from the box please?

Probably they won't 100% (discussed on other threads).

BUT - good idea would be to link the AF calibration with the LiveView focus. i.e. to have the camera automatically compare the difference between the phase AF and the contrast AF and apply the setting for that lens.

Similar to above comments... but I'd like to see a couple of minor firmware tweaks to bring it more in line with the dSLRs.
i.e. able to delete an image while the immediate preview is showing (rather than having to revert to play mode)
i.e. able to save the last buffer as RAW DNG - as the Pentax Q does

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Why can't the AF Fine adjustment (a) be cumulative, i.e Global + One, useful when a body has a general + or - tolerance, and/or (b) have greater range, i.e. +/- 20,30,40...?


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Why is tethering no longer a software-based option? It stopped with the K20D I believe, and if you don't have the K3 a Flucard is no good..


Link Posted 12/06/2014 - 17:51
Difficult to find advice on the devices the Flucard is compatible with, eg Kindle HD? It's an Android device but cannot find guidance on the issue. Result - I don't buy one just in case! A proper dedicated tether would seem more useful.
John K


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Given that Ricoh/Pentax offer digital compacts with GPS available as an option, wouldn't it make more sense to do likewise with the range of DSLR's, rather than having to buy a separate unit which I'm given to understand is hot shoe-mounted?


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Surprised no one's mentioned this already: When's the full frame (35x24) DSLR coming. Many have got impatient with the wait! Pentax designed one of the first of these but are the last to have one for sale. Surely not long?
John K
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