Direct comparison between Pentax K3 and other brands


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Hoping this is the correct thread to post this one under; it seemed the most appropriate. This one is still a work in progress; still pictures have not been posted yet, further links to still photographs, and even types of test results on video links. Should have the full results within about six weeks from the start of this topic posting.

For now, just the wording descriptions. The definitive proof will come later. Every attempt was made to keep the playing field as level as possible, but... There are cases where substitutions had to be made in items such as focal length comparison; between cropped sensors and even full frame sensors. This is all well documented and thoroughly made as obvious as possible.

The results will surprise a lot of people, even a lot of the true professionals and artists,

The best comparison... Showing completely unedited raw images on both printed and on screen. Printed to sizes of: 11x14, 24x36, and on a few examples up to 30x60. All commercially printed; using two labs, completely unedited. On screen images using: a Sharp 32" 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor, factory settings retained for all images.

A brief summary of still image comparison... (I won't mix words on this one) Using a variety of fixed focal length lenses and zoom lenses... Pentax K3, wins against: All existing Olympus models, all Fuji rangefinders and dslr's, all Panasonic models, Nikon 7100, Canon eos 7d mII, (even the full frame) Nikon Df.

Interesting because the Nikon Df and Canon eod 7d are literally double the price of the Pentax K3.

A considerably close call, in terms of still image comparison,,, The Pentax K3 compared to: Nikon d610, and Canon eos 6d.

Here is where the video gets more interesting; so far... Video showing uniform side by side comparison between the Pentax K3 to: Nikon D3x, Nikon D4s, and Canon eos 1dx. Video showing cameras operating to the point of failure, last one standing wins.

But, a point about the water resistance video... Pentax makes a few select versions of WR lenses such as (tested) the Pentax DA 24-40 and the DA 18-135, among many others. Canon also makes a few WR lenses such as the Canon EF 85 (as tested), noting it costs twice as much as any other Pentax lens, minus the Pentax extreme telephoto WR version. I could not locate ANY Nikon WR lenses as of yet.

Pentax in actions photographs: Pentax wins in both focus ability and frame rate against: Nixon D3x, Nikon D810, and Canon 5d mIII.

This one will be edited considerably as time goes along, and further results are published. Feel welcome to add ones comments and questions. The results will also serve to answer a lot of those questions.


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Pentax in actions photographs: Pentax wins in both focus ability and frame rate against: Nixon D3x, Nikon D810, and Canon 5d mIII.

Focus ability surprises me, especially if object was relatively small.

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Have you any more news on this?

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