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Digital Cameras Back In Fashion?

Posted 06/02/2023 - 23:13 Link
Well, they are according to an article on the BBC website link. It's an interesting read. Apparently young people have taken a liking to 'vintage' digital cameras. Some quotes:
- "with every smartphone you buy, you can't take a bad shot almost."
- "With older cameras you have to work with them a bit more, to get a good photo or to get the most out of them."
- "I get folk asking me, 'where do you edit these photos, are they edited?'. And I always say these are never edited and I want to show exactly how they've come out on every camera."

Wait a bit longer and they'll discover DSLRs ... and optical viewfinders .

Posted 06/02/2023 - 23:59 Link
More like the realisation has dawned, that cool an hip film processing ain't as cheap as Digital
So its now, "Surreal is my ancient digital sensor, its so cool, join and subscribe an hit the like button"
Absolutely nothing wrong with older digital sensors may I add, but a new trend will only enhance values of older DLRs, welcome to influencer trends

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