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This is probably the first of a few questions I have for lenses that I don't have, but considering. I cannot afford all of them at this time, but just one (or two depending on the combo).

So Part one. the DA*60-250mm F4

I have the 50-135mm, the 55-300 and a Siggy 170-500.
I am looking at this lens, not as a replacement to the 50-135, but as a superior and faster model to the others. Sure the Siggy is a lot longer, but I was thinking of trading some reach for image quality.

Is this a good lens for most nature and Aircraft work? The latter because I am going to the Paris Airshow in July.
Also, I am not thinking of the DA*300 at this time, as I want a lens that can have in increased role for event photography, where the 50-135 is not long enough.

How have others found this lens? Is it as good as some say?

I am interested.
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I love this lens, I sold my Sigma 100-300mm f4 because it didn't get used once I got the 60-250mm. It doesn't take a teleconverter as well as the Sigma but if it's pure IQ you are after then imo it can't be beaten (even by the DA* 300mm)

If I had to make do with a 2 lens solution on my K-5 this would be one of the 2 I would keep.

I could post picture after picture but will leave it there.

Did I mention I love this lens?
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I use the 50-135, 55-300 and have the 60-250. They all get used.

If you know the "colours" of the 50-135 my experience is that you will feel at home with the 60-250. It is an excellent lens as you'll see from the pics above.

That said the 55-300 is also a good performer and is lighter so that's the one I have in my 2 lens walkabout kit bag.

I can't comment on cropping 60-250 vs Siggy long lens as most of my use for the 60-250 would have been more sport related and the reach at 250mm is normally long enough.

Certainly I agree this is a great lens but maybe a little heavy for a walkabout tele-zoom. Forum members often ask if the "star" lenses are worth the premium prices. Comes down to how much you value that 50-135 effect and of course the weather resistance.

I don't have airshow experience but I can imagine the always available focus ring on the 60-250 could be very worthwhile for catching moving aircraft against the sky. Just a thought.
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Rataegeoff wrote:
I don't have airshow experience but I can imagine the always available focus ring on the 60-250 could be very worthwhile for catching moving aircraft against the sky. Just a thought.

Not at all, it would have to be a very slow moving aircraft to focus on it manually. Also with default focusing screen it will be difficult to focus properly, especially that these aircraft most of the time will be just small in viewfinder - 250mm is not enough for most airshows (when taking about flying planes, usually you can get near enough planes on the ground, taking off).
I did number of airshows and number of airshows with 60-250, simply it is a very slow focusing lens, it doesn't mean it is impossible to take pictures, but number of ones in focus will be significantly lower than if you would use other kit (C/N) with fast focusing lens (these systems actually have a choice there) and occasional frustration from pics you couldn't take at all because it didn't focus at all has to be accounted for.
As a side note, I used 55-300, this was an excellent lens (in its class).
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Some examples of photos taken with K20D + DA* 60-250mm.
Click on photo for bit better quality, when posted directly in the thread forum decreases picture quality.

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Some cracking pics there Mike and Piotro
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Stunning Spit shot Piotro
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some len

Close to the Edge
Down by the River


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Guys, you have sold me. I think this will be top of the list come Feb!
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