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Hi everyone - I'm sure some of my friends think I've gone crazy. At 61, I decided I want a productive hobby, so for Christmas I asked my sons to get me a camera. With that said, I had my choice. Again, they said Pentax? why - why not Canon? Don't know, but I'm sure I want a Pentax. So I received a red Pentax K-x. I've started taking a few flower, animal, people pics, so I'm started, right? I know it will take a long time to learn, but I'm willing so I will be reading as many posts as possible. If there is any advice out there, it is surely welcomed. I live in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee so there are numerous wildlife and wild flowers. thanks everyone for reading and your future help.


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G'Day and welcome Sherryl.

A good way to learn is by posting your images (or those you'd like comment on) to a site such as Photobucket, then linking them to the 'Your Photos' thread here, and seeing what suggestions come back.
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Welcome to the pentax family...( we're probably all a little crazy)
I'll look forward to some Smoky Mountains landscapes too, if you can find a spot where the trees don't get in the way!
.........all the gear, no idea!
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Welcome Sherryl, enjoy your stay
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Welcome Sherryl, I'm sure you'll find the people here as friendly as the ones I've always met in Tenessee.
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Welcome - you ain't the oldest newcomer to the world of photography - I beat you by quite a few years

The folk here are great - I've had a lot of help and still need it so post your pics and questions and sit back and watch the advice and help come rolling in
let the education continue

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Welcome to the Forum.

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Hi and welcome Sherryl.

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Welcome to the forum and Pentax family.

I look forward to seeing some of those Tennessee pictures.
Cheers, HG

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Hello Sherryl and welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see some Tennessee shots. Any questions or problems you may have...just ask. Someone here will surely be able to answer them. Though at times I wonder about myself, I can happily say there are wonderful people at PU.


I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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A belated welcome too. I've found this forum to be invaluable for selling and buying equipment and just lurking to see how other people do 'that photo thing'.

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Hi Sherryl. You are most welcome here. There's at least one other Tennessee member, Giving Tree from Memphis, but I guess that's at the opposite end of Tennessee from the Smokey Mountains.


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Welcome to the fora. I've not been to Tennessee... yet! Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Best wishes, Kris.
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Take no notice of markD Sherryl,

we`re ALL definitely crazy...............

But what a great way to be !!

Welcome to you

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My favourite tipple, is from your home state..............welcome to the forum!

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