Couple of K3iii low light (theatre rehearsal) images


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Used the K3iii for its first 'assignment' yesterday, coupled with the Sigma 17-70 2.8/4 C lens. These images were taken from a play rehearsal at the Abbey Theatre (St Albans), quite a testing environment. Lighting was muted and these images were both taken at ISO6400, in TAv mode (SS 1/60, Aperture f4).

I got a reasonably high 'keeper rate' with images going on to Social Media today and being printed for display in the foyer when the show - End Game - goes live later this week. AF seemed to work pretty well (I mostly left it in Auto to sort itself out) although I do wish it was easier to see the focus points in poor light - this was pretty much an impossibility. White balance came out rather warm too, although such lighting conditions can be notoriously tricky.

There's quite a lot of noise there at ISO6400, but the images are usable up to a reasonable print size (they'd certainly make a great 10x8" and you could go a little higher). Compared to the previous camera I used for theatre photography - a Leica Typ 240 - the high ISO noise performance of the K3iii is excellent, and there is much less intrusive banding; so I suppose we can say it outperforms a previous generation full frame sensor on that point.



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They look great to me.

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Oh, my local. Lovely photos (as always).

I've been happy using 6400 with a bit of noise reduction in Lightroom. Given I wouldn't take the K20D above 400, or the K3 above 1600, that seems great.
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Looks pretty good

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An interesting commission they look good. Does the camera have multi-auto white balance? I find on the K1 this is a good option for interiors with different lighting including incidental daylight.


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Yes Rob it does have multi-auto WB which is something I need to remember next time!

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Good work. Point proved. A very capable camera.

Best regards.
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