Couple from this morning with the DA*16-50


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Not a lens I've ever used much but one of the few I have left so thought I should practice a bit with it. I quite like it as a wandering about sort of a thing. Not the best conditions this morning - saw a deer running through the woods on my way out to the in-laws so stopped. All I got was the trees

Once I was at the in-laws had a wee play doing some flowers.

Not a bad wee lens and one I need to use more often. Start work for the summer on Monday on the Ullswater Steamers so might not get much of a chance to use it.


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Very nice I love this lens...
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I keep on seeing folk saying bad things about it but I have absolutely no issues with it - might be a wee bit pricey but thats the only thing.


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cabstar wrote:
Very nice I love this lens...

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MattMatic wrote:
cabstar wrote:
Very nice I love this lens...


Me too...
By the way I love the woodland photo- so well taken, and atmospheric
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I like these
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