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Hi guys
I've been eyeing up the k3 it's just blown me away with what it's
Capable of so much so that I'm gonna make a complete change over to pentax
It's been a prity stressful decision but I feel this thing will be awsome I shoot
Freelance for performance theatre show brochures etc i guess I've joined the forum
Hoping for a little reassurance on the k3 I'm going for the body fitted with the 18 to 270 lens and battery grip still lookin st guns


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K-3 is more than up to the job but I would think hard about the 18-270mm if you are shooting indoor shows. Personally I would have thought it a rather strange choice of lens but then I don't have any experience of shooting that sort of thing.
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Depending how far away you are the DA*50-135 is just incredible for performances.
The DA17-70 is stunning too.
I shoot fully manual, with focus triggered by the rear AF. Our local school has rather a large gallery of my shots
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Hello and Welcome to the forum

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Hello and welcome.
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Ditto what Mike says. The K-3 is awesome but that lens may not suit. The goto lens seems to be the 50-135 but costs as much as the camera. Always nice to have f2.8 when you need it.

Good luck for the future...but you won't need it

If you're looking at Flash I have only ever had the Sigma 610 DG Super but been very impressed with it.

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Hi Mike, welcome to the site and to the world of Pentax in general! I bought my K-3 approx. 6 months ago and have been absolutely delighted with it. I also have a K-5IIs, which is another superb camera, but the K-3 is better. I can't offer any opinions on the 18-270 as I have never owned or used one, but what I have found since owning the K-3 is that it benefits from quality glass to a level that I've not seen with any of my other cameras. It partners with the DA*50-135 superbly and I would echo what Matt said about this being a great lens for peformances. You can pick up an excellent / mint used one for about 500, which is the route that I took and IMHO it is well worth saving up for this lens to partner with the K-3.

Hope you get what you want / need.

Best wishes

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Another vote here for the 50-135mm
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+1 for the 30-135. It's like having a bagful of primes. Like David, I found a secondhand one for approx 500. Try the Classified Adverts here on the forum.


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Hello and welcome
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