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A couple of shots that I spent some time messing about with - deciding whether colour or black & white suited them better - from my final images it appears that my preference when outputting as colour is to go for slightly lower contrast, while the monochromes are more contrasty.

What do you think?



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For these two subjects, I'm personally preferring the B&W versions. They've got a little more 'pop' to them, though subdued colours are 'up my street' too, so to speak.

I think the added contrast gives better separation between 'patterned' shots like these, and helps the wood stand out in the 2nd shot against the darker background in that example.

Regardless, I'm absolutely inexperienced so my word means absolutely nothing from a technical standpoint. Lovely in all instances, J.


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I like the black and white ones they seem to show more detail I think, but then I do like black and white pictures.
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B&W for me - personally I think that both subjects are better suited to monochrome than colour.

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Black and white for me. I don't think there is enough strength of colour in the subjects
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B&W for both is my vote


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Agreeing with the majority.....b+w

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Definitely better in black and white. Good contrast gives a more textured feel to both.

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Agree the monochrome suits best. In the rocks it helps the eye to ponder around the frame. My eyes make more sense of the chaos and see the symmetry, lines, texture and shapes better.
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Colour would be fine too but the post processing must be a little bit more overdone.
Than it could look not as it really is but there are no borders in photography.


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Also agree monochrome works best; however, if the stones had been wet, they might well have 'exuded' more vibrancy...


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Also in favour of b+w, as they stand. The colours might bring something different in an interesting way, but would probably need another processing approach (or maybe, as Andy says above, if there were more wetness involved...).
Anyway, good shooting (and processing)


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alfpics wrote:
Also agree monochrome works best; however, if the stones had been wet, they might well have 'exuded' more vibrancy...

An eg here where I deliberately poured water on a group of the stones;

(not wanting to hi-jack lennyblokes thread)


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Good point above.

If John had wet the stones then I think his colour image would have looked nicer than the subsequent mono. Despite this, I still think the original mono has an appeal that would be difficult to reproduce in colour.
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Just to be different I have to say I prefer the mono images, they definitely have more "pop" than the colour.
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