Colour Balance on different devices - PC, Mac, Sony, smartphones


Link Posted 07/04/2014 - 17:23
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has come across an issue of colour balances differing across different display devices? My boss is convinced his Apple devices are showing different colour balances to others, ie his are the correct one

I am fairly sure my PC is spot on, (I'm sure someone in internet land would have let me know), the only thing I have giving a similar version to these Apple machines is my Sony smartphone.

Just wondering if hardware out there is giving different results simply because 'that's the way it is', or if there is something else going on?

A good way to test might be handy too

Cheers all
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Link Posted 07/04/2014 - 17:47
Firstly, if a device can be calibrated it will the display colour more accurately. However, there are numerous devices that can't be calibrated. Certain brands of product will display colours more vibrantly than others, Samsung vs Apple tablets is a good example of differences in how default colour is displayed.

So in answer to your question, different hardware will display colour differently, but so will calibrated and un-calibrated equipment.

If you have calibrated your PC it is certainly going to be more accurate in how colour is displayed.
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