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Cokin square filters on DA15mm

Posted 29/05/2014 - 19:21 Link
Someone posted a work around to use Cokin filters with the DA 15mm.

I can't find it.

Can anyone help/advise please...
K5iis and a couple of lenses.
Posted 29/05/2014 - 19:33 Link
find an old 49mm filter and push the glass out then use as a coupler between lens and cokin adaptor ring
odd lens or 2

Posted 29/05/2014 - 19:40 Link
I don't use Cokin filters, but use the Lee sev5n system with my DA15. I knocked the glass out of a slim 49mm uv filter, and screw this on to the DA15 before fitting the adapter ring. This raises the position the adapter sits to above the level of the built in lens hood. Works a charm. There can be some vignetting below at wide apertures, but above F7.1 or so I've had no problems.

I think there are various posts on this sort of work around on the US pentax forum. On my pad at the moment, so can't hunt them down easily
Posted 29/05/2014 - 19:41 Link
Joe beat me to it. Slow typing on a pad
Posted 29/05/2014 - 21:04 Link
K5iis and a couple of lenses.

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