Class action lawsuit for Pentax cameras aperture defects filed in New York


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JohnX wrote:

I have to disagree with your argument.

It was just a statement of facts about the laws relating to faults that are safety-related and those that aren't, not an argument. Whether the law is an ass is a matter of opinion, of which there are no doubt many. Whether Ricoh/Pentax is/was an ass is another matter of opinion. And I haven't - and won't - given an opinion on either.



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Jonathan-Mac wrote:
It's impossible to say how many have failed. People who have experienced the problem tend to make a lot of noise, understandably, while for those whose cameras simply work just get on with using them and many won't go anywhere near an internet photography forum to report their experience.

Pentax could give a minimum number, but not all cases would be reported. All we know, aperture block and SDM, is that the volume of anecdotal evidence indicates that there is a definite problem with the design of the camera or components.

You also have to factor in the possibility that Ricoh inhibited Pentax from revealing the facts. They certainly move towards separating their name from the Pentax brand even if it is Pentax components the "Ricoh" GR3 and Theta for example. Hoya was no different. Pentax in all likelihood hasn't had a say in it's own practices since it was bought decades ago.


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Pentax as a separate camera company hasn't existed since Pentax sold the camera division to Hoya c.2007. The remaining company continues as Pentax Medical.

As to Ricoh, it was always their intention to keep the Pentax brand for the top end DSLRs and the Ricoh brand for pocket compacts. Pentax cameras are now Ricoh and it is they who determine the road map for their products, with the Pentax name just being a brand.
John K


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The Pentax name might be a "brand" in one sense, but it is still representing a group of people who make up a company that designs and manufactures DSLR cameras and lenses. That isn't much different to when it was Asahi Optical Co Ltd. Just different owners.

Companies don't exist as such, they are a collection of people doing something that generates income, often for somebody else such as shareholders. The ethos of the company gives it its identity in the eyes of the buyers.

I find Pentax are aiming in a way that gels with what I expect, the only thing being they could perhaps do it a little quicker.
Best regards, John


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I was always one of those who would post when this issue came up, to say I have had my K30 for five years and not had a problem.....

And now this past few weeks, it has started for me.....

If only I had read about this back in 2014, when I must have spent about 50 hours reading about my choices!

Then again, if I had, I wouldn't own anything Pentax.

Swings and roundabouts.

Hopefully there will be a flood of second hand KPs when the new camera is announced!
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