Christmas Leave on the Watercress Line - 27/12/14


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Today I was able to visit Alresford station on the Watercress Line for day 2 of their "Christmas Leave" event for World War 2 re-enactors. I took my K3 (only had it two weeks) and used my Sigma 50-150 f2.8 and DA50mm f1.8 to capture some of the atmosphere.

Everything Changes


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Liking these particularly the last two
C&C welcome.


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A great collection. I do like these events which usually take place in the summer. These have a nice wintry feel to them.
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A good set. The last two are stand out images. The last one is just a win win shot in all areas.

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A great set here. The last two are the best IMO but I like them all. As Andrew says, it's nice when they have these events in the Winter as well.

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I actually turned up on boxing day, when the weather was really cold and drizzly - unfortunately just as I arrived I had a call on the "on-call" phone from work and had to spend the next three hours re-arranging shifts! Then when I arrived yesterday the sun was out in the morning, and I waited to the afternoon when the light was more "wintry" to take these. Fortunately I live only 200 yards from Alresford station (the sound of shunting diesels woke me up this morning!) so it is easy to pop up. Today I am going to venture further up the line (it is only a normal running day, no 1940's characters today) looking for a frosty start, and hopefully a glinty end to the day!

One thing I did find out yesterday was that the Sigma front focusses on the K3!. The last shot of the Spiv lighting up was with my DA50 f1.8 which I have already adjusted.
Here is a b and w version of the Spiv

Everything Changes
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Stephen, the photo of the spiv is superb both in colour and in b&w.


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The spiv is great, but see how much better it is if you cover the bright area top right. If that's toned down in Photoshop, your picture is IMHO even better.
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Lovely set, the atmosphere caught really nicely.
All good but the spiv stands out for me, colour version. The warm light of the flame adds atmosphere that is not in the mono version.
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