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I was a keen photographer in my late teens and early twenty's, I did a fair bit of work for the School mag and used to sell prints of my work at local fairs to earn extra spends. I lost the love when the point and press as many times as you like era came along.
My last holiday to Scotland found me taking time to take photographs (on a cameraphone) to share with all my family and friends through social media, suddenly I was thinking as a photographer again. Now in my 40's I have just invested in my first DSLR camera a Pentax ist DL2 and I look forward to sharing my pictures as I relearn the skills of framing a great photo.
I love landscape and coastal pictures but as a way to push myself as I learn I am setting myself a 365 day challenge starting in June, to take a picture everyday of a living thing (be it human or animal).
I guess a few of these pictures may end up being of my Scottish Terriers Mackie and Toddy as they go most place's I do. I have a very understanding wife who likes that I am back to a hobby that has never (yet) caused me injury.
Peace James
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

"I'm here because the whiskey is free" - Tyla

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Greetings and where about in Cheshire are you



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Welcome - another Pentaxian in Cheshire!


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Hi and welcome to the forum
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Hello and Welcome

Beware the 365 projrects - I have seen these put people off photography

Some finish them then don't pick up a camera again for a very long time - maybe something less intense could be considered
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Welcome to the forum,

I see you have a made a fine start to your project with that excellent photograph of the dandylion

Best wishes



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Welcome James, I think you will get some good advice and encouragement on here. Welcome to the site.

Best wishes
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Cheers guys for the welcome, I do not plan 365 portraits just 365 days of pictures of living things as I already feel I have a feel for landscape pictures. I am in Crewe Cheshire
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Hi and welcome. I am another Cheshire Tog, yes I still consider Stockport part of Cheshire
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Im Nantwich just down the road give us a shout if you want to meet


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whatsthisbuttondo wrote:
Im Nantwich just down the road give us a shout if you want to meet

will do drop me a PM with your email as I cant PM yet
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Welcome James!

Sounds like your exactly where I was three years ago - getting back into proper photography after a long hiatus. I've no regrets going with Pentax, and have learnt a huge amount from simply hanging round this site

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