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Centon bargains at Jessops

Posted 09/12/2005 - 13:28 Link
I find the K200 and K400 a little too large, but I have my faithful K100 which has taken over duties 'til the ME Super is back from camera hospital.

Anyway, to the point, Jessops are selling new K200 bodies for 35 and the bloke said all their Centon cameras are at least 50% too.

Something to keep your PK lenses going when the old Pentax bodies die..
Posted 09/12/2005 - 17:45 Link
I'd still rather have a second hand Pentax - there are so many good ones around I don't think we'll have a problem getting one to use in any reasonable forseeable future...(Check back in 100 years or so...)
Best regards, John
Posted 12/12/2005 - 17:51 Link
I'd rather have an original "machined" Pentax too.

However, with two dead Pentax ME Supers now, and Pentax (UK) telling me that they can only repair winder mechanism problems - a Centon (the K100 is, I'm told, made by Pentax to a lower-spec K1000 design) will mean I can keep my lenses in use until I can build up enough cash for a Pentax DSLR.

And I much prefer the Centons to the current Pentax 35mm offerings.
Posted 12/12/2005 - 18:13 Link
There are several repair houses that specialise in older Pentaxes, and ME Supers should not pose much of a problem.
Best regards, John
Posted 12/12/2005 - 21:45 Link

If you run out of options locally, or are simply shopping around for good service:

[email protected]">[email protected]

This retired gentleman worked for Honeywell and Pentax for years as a repair tech. I've run 4 cameras through him (one a totally ruined Spotmatic F). and am delighted.

Posted 13/12/2005 - 00:34 Link
I wonder if I should buy an LX...
Posted 13/12/2005 - 01:59 Link

Wonders about buying an LX. Are you on to a good price for one? If so sure, why not?

Good Luck!
Kim C
Posted 13/12/2005 - 14:30 Link
Hi Kully,
FWIW, Robin at Pentax Camera Repairs Direct can service MES's and even cure the problem with faulty winds because of the rubbers going. A full service is about 46.50 which is about the same as a Centon body. I know which I would prefer. You can find him at

Hi Redlm,
If you want a mechanical film camera, I doubt you will find a better one than the LX. It must be one of the most versatile cameras that anybody has produced and you can't match it's low light capability.

Posted 13/12/2005 - 18:37 Link
Thanks for the links.

I've already emailed the nice man and he's going to take my cameras and make a working one from the two.
Posted 13/12/2005 - 23:27 Link
Must... resist..urge to buy... more cameras..

I don't have a line on one at the moment, but I'm afraid that if I do, it will be-mine.
Arthur Dent
Posted 14/12/2005 - 00:56 Link
My MX's are still working after all these years, although the M sync on one of them is out. I'll get it fixed somewhere. If it was badly broken, I might have to look for a new camera, but, alas, the MX's have withstood many years of abuse with no ill effect. So no new film cameras for me. Feh!

I guess I'll just have to obsess on digital cameras. I hear a replacement for the *st D is coming out next year........
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Posted 15/05/2006 - 13:40 Link
Eight month report on the K200 I bought back in September 2005.

I only ended up paying 14.99 for the body and I've been using it with a 50mm/1.7 Pentax-M and a Centon of the same.

As the camera came with a two-year warranty I decided to be as horrible to is as possible. So it's been everywhere with me (beer festivals and pub crawls in my pocket and out and about on walks).

The good news is that the meter is accurate (Provia 100F) even in low light (Delta 3200) and it has not stopped working, even after being dropped on a number of occasions and having beer spilt on it.

That's the good news, the bad news is that the anti-reflective coating is not sprayed-on inside but stuck on (some kind of matte rubber) and that has started to peel off. Other coverings on the outside have also started to come off. It also has quite a lot of mirror slap and there is lag if you try and fire the shutter when the metering system isn't powered up.

I'm happy with it for the money I paid for it, but there is no way this would have been worth the 99.99 Jessops were once asking for it.

I now have no Pentax bodies and I miss their small perfection. Oh well, I won't be getting any more - I've discovered rangefinders...
Posted 15/05/2006 - 15:51 Link
A few years ago I discovered rangefinders too and treated myself to a full Contax G system. It was a lovely camera and beautifully made however it soon became apparant that my Z1p and FA* lenses took better pictures more often so the Contax system was eventually sold.

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