Carrying tripod through airport checks.


Link Posted 02/01/2015 - 21:42
Hi has anyone carrying tripod attached to rucksack trough airport checks? Is it allowed or it has to be in main baggage?


Link Posted 02/01/2015 - 23:59
Depends upon the country.

I have never run into an issue throughout the United Kingdom.

But have run into issues when air traveling throughout other regions of Europe. Outside of Europe Israel tends to give rather extensive security checks, and has been known to tactfully ask people not to carry tripods onboard without checking them, even monopods, and even some tripod heads - by themselves.

Then there is the united states. Just depends upon where one goes, with what carrier, and even with what TSA person happens to get.

The whole issue is rather sad. Sometimes I'm able to travel with one attached, sometimes not. It also depends upon HOW the tripod is attached and/or carried with the bag. Almost all LowePro bags carry on the outside. Other bags such as Manfrotto "offer" to carry smaller tripods within the bag.

Either way, be prepared to check the tripod, monopod, and/or the tripod head. Also be prepared to pay to check it, just depends. Which now adds in the gamble if the items will ever make it to the same place that you happen to.

In which case, it helps to engrave the items (such as the tripod) whenever possible, and also log serial numbers, also photo inventory. Make sure to insure, and to even have extra insurance.

More about insurance... If one purchases airline travel using some credit cards, in MOST cases that also might extend insurance to some items - with limitations.

Also, depending upon the size and WEIGHT of ones camera system, consider the use of alternative camera support devices


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The theory is that you can carry a tripod on to a plane as hand baggage. Even in the US TSA allow it.

But often the airline will be less than happy with it since it will make your carry-on too big for their rules.

I always check mine - now I have a Benro flat tripod it fits in my checked bag no problem. I always check a bag anyway since my camera gear takes up most of my carry-on allowance.


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I am going to travel with Wizzair to SLovakia from Lutton airport. Anyone has any experiences with them regards the tripod. I know sometimes they are a bit curious regards the baggage size.


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I'm a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and also the united states. I've had quite interesting dealings with government agencies such as the TSA. The TSA has had many instances where they have not permitted tripods or unipods onboard airplanes. The TSA is the enforcement end; naturally this also occurs on board varying carriers.

It even happens in certain areas of certain cities.

Here is but one example...

In certain areas of Washington DC one has to have a permit to use tripods in certain areas. There are many other areas where one will get stopped for using one. Btw these areas in DC set to expand considerably


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This is getting off topic somewhat.

That link is to media and filming, not to private individuals and stills. Media film tripods are big things.

I can understand certain places not allowing the use of tripods in any case, especially in heavily visited areas like the National Mall.

Marselus, since Wizzair only allow one piece of cabin luggage they could be stroppy about a tripod strapped to that luggage. I know Ryanair have been stroppy in the past about such things, and wilst Wizzair may be a bit more user friendly than Ryanair you need to be sure - why not send them an e-mail and check. If the e-mail says it's OK print it out and take it with you.


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I don't see the issue here - I've always put the tripod + head in my suitcase and have never had a problem. Camera bag goes as carry-on.


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RayB wrote:
I don't see the issue here - I've always put the tripod + head in my suitcase and have never had a problem. Camera bag goes as carry-on.

The problem only arises if you want to go carry-on only for whatever reason. Like you I check my tripod along with my clothes, but with so many airlines charging extra for checked bags more and more people try to carry everything on board to save a few quid.
The fear of losing a checked bag also plays a roll, though that has never happened to me, nor to anyone I know.
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